Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness 2012: My NCAA Predictions

Since the beginning of time, people have been putting together NCAA basketball brackets in March--even if they've never watched a single game throughout the college hoops season. Those various number seedings and the fact that every decent team has a shot at the title makes the whole spectacle impossible to ignore (well, except for all you people who despise March Madness, that is).

UConn's Kemba Walker helped me win my bracket last year.

Every year, I participate in a fun "bragging rights" bracket with my friends from high school. Many of us don't communicate any other time of the year, but we always get together (virtually) for March Madness. And the smack talk clangs off rims like game-winning shots that could've been. Anyway, I won the bracket last year by putting my faith in UConn and Kemba Walker.

My 2012 Predictions
This year, since the University of Dayton did not make the tourney, I'm putting my faith in my Grandpa Brewer's favorite team: Kentucky. I mean, the guys on that team look like giants--even when they're playing against gigantic teams. The only way they won't win it all is if they get bored and lazy (and that often happens to overly talented teams in the tourney).

As I'm writing this post, teams are finishing up the round of 64. All but 3 of my Sweet 16 teams are still in it, which isn't too bad considering all the Friday upsets. The Missouri and Duke losses hurt my Elite 8 selections, but I've still got my Final 4 in tact.

Here's my Final 4:
  1. Kentucky
  2. Ohio State
  3. Michigan State
  4. North Carolina
Like I said, I have Kentucky winning it all against...North Carolina.

So yeah, I'm predicting half the Final 4 to be represented by the Big 10, but for neither team to make it to the championship game. Here's hoping I can repeat as a Crazy Llama champion.


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Marc Scott said...

At this point, those look like pretty solid Final Four choices. I was a perfect 16 for 16 after Thursday. Yesterday, though, was a disaster for my prophetic abilities. I never saw those huge upsets coming! I thought Mizzou and Duke would both advance far.

I love this time of year. There is no sports competition as awesome as this tournament!

Muddy said...

I love March Madness! It's my favorite sporting event of the year! Although I'm a little sad about my West bracket. We have a friendly "bragging rights only" contest here, and it's a sad day when your 11-year-old tells his own mom "Your bracket is a mess." Then again, I've raised three sons to love March Madness as much as I do, so I have to have done something good, right?

Good Luck!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

That's right, Muddy. When you have 11-year-olds who know when a bracket is busted, you did an excellent job!

In my case, I'm increasingly having to hope my Final 4 holds together, because the rest is starting to crumble.

Marc, I had a dilemma in the Duke-Xavier match up, because both are teams that I typically send to the Sweet 16 regardless of the competition. However, I couldn't do that this year and picked Duke, which was obviously the wrong move. Oh well.