Monday, April 9, 2012

Advice for Writers: 028

Here's a bit of advice from around the Internet for writers:

3 Websites to Stretch Your Thinking, by Jane Friedman. Okay, I confess. I'm listing this link first because Jane mentions My Name Is Not Bob (not as one of the 3 websites in the title--but it is the very first one after the other three). So there.

On Pushing Yourself to Be Better, by Allison Winn Scotch. Scotch shares four essential tips that helped lead her to be a bestselling author of Time of My Life.

How to Be a Full-Time Writer, by Chuck Wendig. Wendig delivers another one of his spot on 25 Things You Should Know lists--this time related to being a full-time writer.

6 Reasons Authors Still Want Publishers, by Rachelle Gardner. Literary agent Gardner dishes on why writers still want to hook up with publishers in an age filled with self-publishing success stories.

How to Clear the Phlegm From Your Blog Posts, by Carol Tice. Seriously, this has got to be one of the best blog post titles of 2012! And the content is pretty durn good too.


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Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing all your tips, links, articles, etc. You are a wealth of info!

JRWoodward said...

Tweeted three times today for #MINIB but still found myself in OZ. Sallop rofig said...

Interesting posts. Was there something in particular we were supposed to be aiming for in reading them

Kristen said...

This particular collection was extremely helpful! With every click of a link you've shared, there is an onslaught of amazing info. I could spend hours on these blogs that you link to (and I sometimes do!). It is greatly appreciated!

Joanna said...

Thanks, Robert. Bookmarked as haven't read them all yet.

Mona Hill said...

Carol's un-phlegmy blog post great reading, good reminder. Thanks!

I'm never exactly sure how well I've done with my technolinks. My usual tech support method is to holler for my husband.

I understand platform building as a necessity - shows publishers/editors a writer puts in the marketing effort instead of just sitting back. However, I'm not a great one for talking, tweeting, posting just to be sending something out into the universe.

I just don't break out the bon mot at the drop of the hat as these llinks seem to require.

I suppose eventually, I'll get my rhythm and all will be fine. In the meantime, I soldier on.

Thanks for taking the time to lead us in these exercises. Always good to broaden my horizon.