Monday, April 23, 2012

Advice for Writers: 030

Here's what I've found this week for writers.

How to Outline (The Easy Way) Like Janet Evanovich, by Zachary Petit. In college, I learned the importance of outlines for keeping stories on track. However, I've never done an outline like the one used by Evanovich.

25 Things You Should Know About Transmedia Storytelling, by Chuck Wendig. Wendig does a good job at explaining transmedia storytelling and sharing his thoughts on it. If you don't know what transmedia storytelling is, then I suggest you read this post first.

Train Your Muse Like You Train a Puppy, by Rachelle Gardner. I must really be burning out on platform-related content, because I've got a bunch of craft-related posts to share this week. Not that focusing on the craft of writing is a bad thing (at all) for writers.

How to Create Distinctive Character Voices, by L.B. Gale. The title of the post pretty much says it all: This post is about how to create distinctive character voices. Gale provides some interesting insights (and tests) related to making this happen.

Updating Traditional Motifs to Create Fresh Fiction, by Sophie Masson. Masson shares how she updated traditional motifs for her novel The Boggle Hunters, a fantasy adventure novel for middle grade readers. It's worth reading to see how you can take some traditional ideas and spin them in a new direction.


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Lynn said...

You make it hard to keep up with all the reading on writing! Thank you!

Sorry Gnat said...

Thanks, it all helps; the process of assimilation a bit slow for me of late; gratitude

spy for mobile said...

Highly appreciate, have looked through it and It's worth reading and investigating