Monday, April 2, 2012

April Platform Challenge: Day 2

If you've made it through the first day of this challenge, then you should have a fairly good idea of who you are now. That's definitely an important step in figuring out how to start building your platform (online and off). Now, let's take the next step.

Knowing your goals helps you make a plan.

For today's platform-building task, set your goals. Include short-term goals and long-term goals. In fact, make a list of goals you can accomplish by the end of this year; then, make a list of goals you'd like to accomplish before you die.

Here are some of examples from my short-term and long-term goal lists:

Short-term goals:
  • In April, complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog.
  • In April, complete April PAD Challenge on Poetic Asides blog.
  • Get 2013 Writer's Market to printer ahead of schedule.
  • Get 2013 Poet's Market to printer ahead of schedule.
  • Lead workshop at Poetry Hickory event in June.
  • Etc.
Long-term goals:
  • Publish book on platform development for small businesses.
  • Publish full-length poetry collection.
  • Raise 5 happy and healthy children into 5 happy, healthy, caring, and self-sufficient adults.
  • Continue to learn how to be a better husband and human being.
  • Become debt free and financially independent.
  • Win Poet Laureate of the Universe honors.
  • Etc.

Some writers may ask what defining yourself and creating goals has to do with platform development. I maintain that these are two of the most basic and important steps in the platform-building process, because they define who you are and where you want to be.

A successful platform strategy should communicate who you are and help you get where you'd like to be (or provide you with a completely new opportunity). If you can't communicate who you are to strangers, then they won't realize how you might be able to help them or why you're important to them. If you don't have any goals, then you don't have any direction or purpose for your platform.


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Anne Kimball said...

Short-term goals:
1)Complete MNINB's platform challenge
2)Through threat of death, if nothing else works, get Kaz Adoption Blogs and BlogHer to add my Life on the Funny Farm blog to their ranks
3)Get 1 - 2 essays published in magazines
4)Secure an agent for my book
5)Survive spring break with my kids

Long-term goals:
1)Get book published
2)Reach 1000 followers on my Life on the Funny Farm blog (verrrrry long term, the way things look now)
3)Find a way to get my 6 kids through college without prostituting myself.

Misk Mask said...

Short-term Goals
• Declutter the house
• Participate in Mellow Bakers’ “Handmade Loaf” Challenge
• Continue recipe testing for Dan Lepard’s “Short and Sweet”
• Alter construction of sourdough starter from rye to wheat
• Perfect sourdough and yeast rolls
• Drop 5 kilos by end of year
• Convert all handwritten recipes to PDF files
• Continue collecting favourite recipes from family
• Visit Mother and grandchildren in USA
• Study poetry forms, and try to remember what I’ve learnt
• Read every day
• Walk every day
• Be thankful for something every day

Long-term Goals
• Create and publish family cookery book
• Write and illustrate stories for my grandchildren
• Start private blog with stories and pictures for grandchildren
• Create chapbook of my favourite poems
• Finish writing Tom’s Adventures
• Learn to golf

~ Misky

bolton carley said...

Anne - I'm with you on reaching 1000 followers! Want to do that, too.

Robert - Thanks for posting early! Here in central time, I like being able to do the challenge before I go to work!

Just going to share the short terms for today:

Short term goals
1. Find out what the platform challenge can do for me

2. Finish my 15th year of teaching before it finishes me

3. Plan my parents’ 70th birthday party

4. Finish writing the novel I’m working on by June 1.

5. Submit at least 3 works.

6. Make my husband an Easter basket.

7. Not look horrible in a swimsuit for my trip to Vegas.

8. Get the courage up to try for an agent.

Lauren Miller said...

Anne - Re: putting your kids through school. You can do it!!

I was a first-generation college graduate in my family (parents blue-collar workers) and the support I received -- emotional and a place to sleep -- provided me with the help I needed to put myself through college. By the grace of God, dreams can come true. Good on you for working to support your kids' future!!

I hope this snippet of my story encourages you in your own journey. God bless!

Bolton Carley - I'm Central time too so I'm with you there!! I also like your idea of re-visiting poetry formats. I need to do that too at some point. What I remember is limited to whatever it was we studied back in high-school.

A few short-term goals:
* Plant the irises and daffodils I got yesterday — somewhere — in my garden.
* Receive, read, and review all ARC’s that arrive this month.
* Attend Christina Katz’s class this month at the 2012 Missouri Writers' Guild Conference.

A few long-term goals:
* Get 1 short story published in either a) Analog, b) Asimov’s, or c) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
* Raise blog readership to at least 100 (believe me, this is a big goal).
* Convince my husband that chickens and a goat are a good economical alternative to Dierbergs/Krogers/etc. and worth the smell.

Joe O. said...

I'm grateful for this particular task. I'm about to move from the nonprofit sector to federal government, shifting from a home office to a traditional office, and these goals will prove essential if I want to maintain my passion for writing. I have a tendency to want to do too much, but I think ultimately I want to be able to do really well at my day job, have plenty of family time and find adequate time to exercise my creative prowess. . I'll have to flesh them out later, but this is what I came up with before my day starts:

Lifetime Goals

1. Be the best husband I can be
2. Be the best father I can be
3. Read, reflect on, and try hard to live by the scriptures
4. Strive to be remembered as a reliable colleague in the workplace and honest business dealer

Concrete Goals

1. Buy a house in the suburbs
2. Buy a permanent home in the country
3. Own at least two horses
4. Self-publish at least one novella
5. Traditionally publish at least one novel
6. Maintain a grant writing business on the side for secure income

Short-term Goals

1. Ensure I keep a good work/life balance for quality time with family
2. Start a garden
3. Keep tabs on my retirement investments
4. Feel confident about living expenses
5. Learn at least one new thing each day
6. Finish the two challenges I committed to for the month of April!

Lynn Daue said...

Top three short- and long-term goals:

- In April, complete the April Platform Challenge on Rhymes With Tao
- In May, submit the first 5,000 words of a new novel to
- Publish another article (hopefully in Maryland Life!)
- Publish a novel (that lands on the NYT Best Sellers List, of course)
- Create a sub-sub-genre of literature (military chick lit)
- Live in a rural area

Day 1 and the rest of Day 2 can be found here:

Sarah Negovetich said...

All this looking at yourself can be painful. I realized I have a lot of stuff on my short-term goals list. If I stay focused on what I want, I can do it all.

Connie L. Peters said...

Short Term Goals
Finish and submit proposal for devotional
Polish first novel in junior series
PAD challenge
Platform challenge
Work on poems for reunion
Prepare for Phoenix trip
Lunch with editor in Phoenix, go over articles
Keep up on assigned articles
Finish self-published poetry book

Long Term Goals

Finish and submit four books in junior series
Finish and submit devotional
Professional-looking website on which I can sell books
Daily poems—publish according to topics
Keep up on assignments and get more
Make a living at writing

E. B. Pike said...

Short-term goals:

•In April, complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog.

•In April, perfect my pitch for the conference I'm going to this Spring

•Work on finding an agent for my novel

•Build by blog readership

•Build my twitter “followship”

•In 2012, submit 2 short stories to magazines for publication

Long-term goals:
•Find an agent to represent me who I believe in, and who believes in me

•Become a published YA author

•Develop a solid internet and social media presence

•Grow and develop as a writer

•Raise two well-adjusted, happy children

KEEP WRITING! No matter what. :)

Meena Rose said...

My contributions can be found here:

Thanks Robert. Over the last two days, I have learned more about my writing self than since the beginning of my writing journey in 2009.

Lauren Miller said...

It's awesome hearing people's feedback on their personal goals and where they are in their life journey towards accomplishing their dreams.

I've gotten several NEW ideas for goals (in addition to the ones I posted earlier) from reading your comments. You guys rock!

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." - Japanese proverb

JLC said...

I left a comment yesterday that didn't make it to the post. So here goes again:
Short Term
1. Get paid something for what I write.
2. Find an agent for my third novel.
3. Increase my blog readership
4. Win one prize among the many contests I enter.
5. Increase readership of my contributions to Senior Women Web, where my essays and reviews appear regularly.

Long Term
1. Live long enough to accomplish short term.
2. Get to England one more time.

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Done! Most of my goals (for the next year) were already listed on a page on my blog, so I tweaked those and added (to a personal document) my long term goals. It was helpful to see beyond the year what I'm working for. My longterm goals are:

1) Have my first contract for a book by April 2014
2) Raise my children to be loving, caring, hard-working, assertive men
3) Maintain a loving relationship with my husband
4) Move to part time social work position (hopefully by 2014)
5) As long as I’m a social worker, be compassionate, fair, and competent

Kyle Robinson said...

Finished It up.. I like the look of Everything so far, This challenge is shaping up nicely, All my answers can be found on the "In the Demon's Head" Blog at

Capt'n said...

Here are just some of my goals for substantiation purposes. I do have a bunch laid out and oddly enough, I am due to review them this week.

Short term:

• Finish web site tweaks
• Earn enough income in freelance equal to the slow time of food service during summer
• Replace income with freelance enough to equal food service in the busy times
• Get another pup, (lost my old friend a couple years back and haven’t’ replaced her yet)
• Shed 24 pounds to desired weight, and continue to advance my workouts to a four day schedule
• Treadmill every day for 40-minutes and not get caught up with schedule to interrupt it.

Longer term

• Pay off house in 5-years
• Earn 100k a year in writing
• Get back into studying martial arts for the peace, discipline, and health benefits, not competition
• Get into public speaking as a life coach

Jen McPeek said...

I did it :)

saturnbull said...

It is pleasing to see so many similar in nature (if not word-for-word) goals by other writers, especially in categories (poetry, cooking) that I personally do not delve. A good reminder that though writing is often (always?) a solitary practice, we do not walk the path to publishing alone…

Kristen said...

I like this one! I've found that the only way to ensure that I'll stick to the goals I set for myself is to:
1) write them down and hang them in a place where I'll see them every single day.
2) publish them on my blog for everyone else to see. That way, people know about them, and I can't just pretend they don't exist. There's more incentive to stick to them.

Linda Hatton said...

Done! And now I need to go fulfill one of my immediate goals . . . enjoy another day of spring break with my kids! :-)

John Morris Benson said...

John Morris Benson has goals. These could be changed on a whim or even a serious re-focus, but this is it for now.

Short term:
• In April, complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog
• Post the APC items on my blog
• Increase readership of my personal Blog and website
• Find more ways to promote my An Odyssey of Illusions to be published by
Note: The posted publication date has been moved back to May 31.
• Work on my current novel five times a week in April
• Write (finish) one short story
• Become a member of Google+

Long term:
• Have my book, And Some Fell on Stony Ground, ready to submit for publication by November, 2012
• Make reasonable progress on my title, An Odyssey of Despair, a story parallel to An Odyssey of Illusions
• Finish two short stories for WDs contest in the fall.

Lauri Meyers said...

Short term:
1. Build tough skin if (when) that first rejection comes in the mail
2. Start a critique group ion the area
3. Continue educating myself by reading Writers Market and SCBWI materials
4. Get one blog follower
5. Complete 30 day platform challenge
Long term:
1. Make $5,000 a year to send the girls to college

Jan O'Hara (Tartitude) said...

Done. I actually set my long-term goals in November and set weekly and monthly short-term goals.

Melanie Cole said...


Pete M said...

Applying short and long-term goals is the only way to follow my personal motto. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be where you are today".

Khara House said...

Done--though I didn't divide it into short- and long-term goals. I found myself using my list of goals as both helping myself figure out what I care about and giving any reader(s) an introduction to what kind of person I am. So goals wound up including everything from "take a shower" to "publish a book of poetry" to "solve the zombie crisis". The full list (there are fifty of them) is here: our lost jungle Welcome Page

Claudia Karabaic Sargent said...

Short-term goals:
Complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog on time
Complete 175 pages of the first draft of Missing Dad by June 11th
Complete my website redesign by the end of August
Launch my Illuminated Prayers stationery/gift/textile line on Zazzle and Spoonflower by Labor Day
Lose the rest of the 40 lbs. I’m trying to lose (27.5 to go) by New Year’s Eve
End the year with 1000 Twitter followers, 1000 blog followers, 1000 FB fans, and a Klout score of 60+
Complete final first draft of Missing Dad by January 22, 2013

Long-term goals:
Publish Missing Dad with a traditional print publisher, with or without an agent
Make a suitable living from art licensing, Zazzle and Spoonflower shops, and writing
Move to Greenport, LI
Live happily and creatively ever after
Die a good death, many years hence

Joy Weese Moll said...

Slightly edited version (funny that I was more prepared to share my bio than my goals)

Long Term Goals:
1)Commercially publish my book and make that a basis for a writing career.
2)Fix up our house and yard, so it really is the home of my dreams.
3)Maintain my healthy weight and all the healthy habits I developed to achieve it.

Short term goals:
1)Write my book
2)Develop a platform for selling my book
3)Travel to Ireland

Suelick said...

This is harder for me than yesterday's challenge. But it's done.

Pat Walsh said...

Putting together my short-term list made me feel productive and forward-looking. Putting together my long-term list made me feel like a huge egomaniac!

Short-Term Goals:
1. To produce and publish the remaining episodes of the second season of my web video series “Five Minutes in Space.”

2. To finish and begin marketing my current novel project (which is tentatively titled “Twist of Faith” at the moment).

3. To establish myself as a writer of non-fiction in subject areas beyond the history of space exploration (which is the subject of my first two books).

4. To locate a circle of readers who can help make my work -- particularly my fiction -- “road ready” for marketing to agents and/or editors.

5. To establish myself as a developing playwright, using the several one act plays and the one finished full-length musical that I have already written.

Long-Term Goals:
1. To establish a business structure that enables me to profitably produce and distribute my creative work (and perhaps, the work of others).

2. To make a larger percentage of my income from my creative work than from other types of work.

3. To publish a good and widely read novel.

4. To have a play produced.

5. To create and release a full-length film.

Susan Craig said...

Done. This is not a blank field!!

De said...

This was a great exercise. I'm sure I'll be adding to it, constantly, but here's where I am, for now. (These are mostly writing-driven, since that's the world I'm steeped in this month.) ;)

Short-term goals:

- “Submission a Day in May”…move straight out of the momentum of writing every day into finding one journal each day, and one poem to send to it.
- Summer Scribble…one line first thing every morning in June, July and August. Freehand, in a notebook (lest I forget how to write that way).
- Summer: read the Psalms to the kids.
- Continue to pen ad gigs when they come my way, and be thankful for the pay.
- Continue writing for the week’s prompts for favorite prompt sites.
- Organize several collection choices for possible chapbooks.
- Continue to work hard for good balance of marriage, kids, friendships, writing, volunteering, and everyday life.
- Seek God’s path for my life, and my words.

Long-term goals:

- Publish a poetry collection.
- Find homes for three finished children’s books. Write more.
- Pull together Tahoe book. Find publisher.
- Read more poetry.
- Send at least 12 poems out into the possible-publishing world each year, one each month.
- Raise amazing, creative, fun-loving, good-hearted, God-centered kids.
- Someday, publish just enough to procure small poeming beach house.
- Grow old with hot hubbie along a peaceful ink-soaked shore.
- Get involved in helping bring creative writing to grandchildren’s schools.

sopphey said...

I'm enjoying this challenge. Almost serendipity.

bolton carley said...

lynn daue - your idea about military chick lit is a great one! i work in a military community and they would eat that up! best of luck!

Scribe said...

Done. Once again, I choose not to share them here, but I have always believed in the role of goal-setting in achieving success. This meant just a few tweaks to my already existing list of goals.

Nicole said...

Hi, Nicole here
Short term:
1.) write a couple pages a workday on my lunch
2.) find an agent
3.) complete my name is not Bob platform challenge and learn and grow from it
4.) fit in a short story or two between my novel writing time

Long term:
1.) get published
2.) become a best seller
3.) obtain a movie deal-since I love movies it would be cool to see my words on the big screen
4.) meet a fan who appreciates my work and hopefully I made a positive impact on their live
5.) have children-far future
6.) establish a successful career as a writer where I can lock myself in a small room and write all day
Until tomorrow...

Kirk said...


Interesting how long term goals roll off the fingers so easily - I feel that have all the time in the world and can therefore be quite inventive with the future.

Whereas, short-term goals suddenly introduce the constraint of time and physical reality. I have suddenly felt more serious about them.

And I don't feel the need to post every detail. Cheers, -K

Elizabeth said...

I thought this one was hard because I've run into huge obstacles lately. Then I saw in my journal that I started this assignment weeks ago. Good thing I write!

Long-term: Become a professional writer with my historical novel published and others in the works.
Be happily married (long term for want of a groom).

- Complete the April Platform Challenge.
- Dye my hair red.
- Apply for scholarship to antiquarian book school.
- Plant vegetables and re-pot herbs.
- Find my key (that's another story).
- Continue typing draft into Scrivener and revise through the wedding scene.
- Plan a fun weekend, maybe early summer.
- Help a friend finish her son's scrapbook.

Robert: Thanks, I needed to do that.

Lynn: military chick lit - yay!

Gail at Gail-Friends said...

Short Term Goals (April)
Write morning pages daily
Submit 4 articles for publication
Blog posting weekly
Increase blog followers
Edit work in progress(fiction & non-fiction books)
Complete April Platform Challenge

Long-Term Goals (2012):
Publish 10 articles
Publish 5 poems
Finish work in progress (non-fiction book)
Find agent for my book

Lynn said...


Brooke Ryter said...

This was an easier assignment today. =)

Short-term Goals
Finish writing 'So, Whatcha Think?'.
Complete editing process of 'So, Whatcha Think?'.
Have 'Where the Ocean Meets the Sky' half written by the end of the year.
Take my three grandsons camping and and teach the two younger ones how to fish.

Long-term Goals
Publish 'Where the Ocean Meets the Sky'.
Begin another book.
Write a book series for children.
Pay off the house.
Influence my grandchildren to the point that my children hate me! =)
Experience all the magic life offers with my husband, my kids, and my grandkids.

Kiril Kundurazieff said...


What follows is a partial, and mixed, short & long-termed list, because I ended up with over 40 items on the list posted on my blog:

There is one short term goal not shared on my blog, and it has to do with the fact I've been invited to take a trip, to attend an event, because of my writing, in 2 weeks, and I don't know if I can even afford to attend, though I have slim hopes.


I will complete the Build a Platform Challenge, and find out what it can do for me.

I will learn to cook more so as to eat healthier.

I will find ways to earn money through my creative writing talents.

I will get something published at an online, or print, venue.

I will turn I, MAXIMUS: A Cat Tale into a novel someday.

I will finally find a way to do more with the concepts behind my "Storyteller" Saga.

I will build a following for my Cat Blogging, and even for my non-cat blog.

I will find ways to grow in knowledge about Cats, and Feline related issues, starting with finishing reading all the books in the my Cat Book collection.

I will begin to reach out to, and network with, more of my fellow bloggers, and those related to the resource links in Meowsings sidebar, and find ways to possibly volunteer.

I will move from where I live to someplace cheaper, and better, preferably in connection with a new job, thus giving myself the chance to start fresh, & build a new life, and career, for myself, and meet new people, and make new friends.

I will build a more varied social life and, who knows, if I'm very lucky, my bloodline won't end with, hee, hee! :-D

I will take trips, as needed, in the search for work, and a new place to live.

I will build a new career, taking retraining if needed to do so.

Full List is here =

Meagan Wick said...

I have a million goals. But the important or at least interesting ones are now written down.

Evelyn said...

Done. At least for now. Goals are something that continue to evolve, especially the long term ones. I found it interesting that I had much more trouble listing long term goals, than short term ones. Maybe it's because I've lived long enough that a lot of my goals have been met, and I've also lived long enough that I realize that only a few goals are really important.

Stephanie said...

Short-term goals
• In April
○ Complete the April Platform Challenge on the My Name Is Not Bob blog.
○ Write something every day.
○ Post something every day on my personal blog.
• By the end of this year
○ Meet my goal weight.
○ Get started on Pucklett #2.
○ Build a freelancing CV.
○ Build a network.

Long-germ goals (before I die)
• Prove everyone right (I am amazing.)
• Prove everyone wrong (I do not have to be a lawyer; I will succeed doing things I love.)
• Publish a novel.
• Be surrounded by children and grandchildren.

PSC said...

Done! I now have a list of long & short term writing & platform goals -- on my computer. I really only have ONE GOAL that I want to share -- in the hopes that doing so will bring it about faster:

THE GOAL: To discover or design or inspire the creation of… a poetry site where INDIVIDUAL POEMS (rather than an entire book) may be posted (published), bought and sold – kind of like an iTunes (iPoem?) for poetry!

Picture a website that offers the ability to publish, buy and sell – ONE POEM AT A TIME -- where one can go to publish their own poems and/or purchase individual poems written by their favorite, current poets.

Marcia G. said...

Done. Some of the highlights:

This year I hope to complete both my books, a memoir and -get this - a western. I'll be at conferences, and a resident colony. I'll do more poetry readings (esp. since I'll have so many new poems from PAD). I'll continue with contests and regular submissions. And I'll get a website up and running. I hope to end 2012 with agents for both books.

Some Long Term goals include success from publication of both books, a poetry collection, and being in good lit mags. I want to visit Ireland, Scotland and England, research the family tree, and buy a home where I'll have cats again.

Most of all I 'll visit family more often.

Christen Price said...

I really needed this challenge so thanks for putting it together. So far, I've already defined who I am and my goals but it was nice to refresh myself and write them down again. I actually changed up my "who am I" than my other bio and like it better :) Looking forward to Day 3!

Kirra said...

Done. I set up some goals when I started my blog in January and have since achieved some, so it was past time to make some new ones.

hcfbutton said...

Goals are up. Thanks for the quick reclarification of what I'm after. I need to remember to prioritize for these goals. I'm still a little afraid of getting too personal. Some goals have never been said aloud, and my blog may not be the right place for it.

Melanie Marttila said...

Short term goals:
Get through the next revision of my MS
Make my Author Salon profile into something that ROCKS
Attend Algonkian conference :)
Keep blogging

Long term goals:
Get the 15 or so books rummaging around in my head OUT and published
Financial independence (step one: mortgage paid off in June - this year! YAY!)
Quit my day job (can't happen until the above two are accomplished)
Travel (with my hubbie if I can get him on a plane :D)
Live happily and pass away peacefully after having finished my last glorious novel ...

Really, I'm not asking for much :P

Rebekah said...

done ! Really this was done in January, but I just revamped it.

Terri Hall said...

Started! Wow! This challenge may never be is so dynamic.

Sharon Stanley said...

This one I wrote out in the fall when I began seriously writing picturebooks. Already I have hit a few! Here are a few short term goals:
1. continue collaboration with illustrator to complete and publish a u-tale e book.
2. submit picture book to small publisher
3. re-launch blog (done today!)

longer term goals
1. see one published picture book in print, then submit another
2. find an agent
3. continue building platform to aide in above goals

Ivy said...

This one is going to require some thought, but here is what I have so far.

Short-term Goals:
- Finish George Esper's book
- Lose these last 40lbs
- Re-vamp my blog
- Kick my soda addiction
- Finally move into the house we've lived in for 3 years
- Sing daily
- Start doing open mic nights

Long-term Goals:
- Raise a successful, happy son.
- Be the best wife I can be
- Learn to love myself

Beth Stilborn said...

I prefer not to write my goals here, but be assured that I have now written goals for this month, this year, and long term, and will be taking steps to achieve them.

Thanks, Robert!

Anonymous said...

Day 2 - Check!
Some of my goals
Short term:
Complete April Platform Challenge
Study Italian at least 90 mins per week
Long term:
Become a successful travel writer
Accomplish a gap year by age 55
Establish a better relationship with my daughter
Become fluent in Italian
Improve my Spanish

Romelle Broas said...

I didn't realize I was a day late in the challenge. I guess I have to add to my short-term goal, which is to check my e-mail daily for your postings! So I ended up doing 2 challenges today just to catch up.

Mimsie said...

I am done. Goals are so easy to write down. Now to keep them

Domino said...

Okay - did a list, but I think this is something I will be adding to and subtracting from for, well, forever probably. Interesting that my goals,short term and long term seem to mesh together in a way. In other words, if I accomplish the short term goals, they should lead to the long term goals quite easily.

JRWoodward said...


Short-term goals:

Complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog.
Complete Wordpress blog/book site.
Figure out a way to use Twitter to promote my books
Finish first draft of TERRA LUNA.
Finish editing.
Get novel cover and book site banner made.
Get my first five Tumblr posts up.
Get Kindleboards account.
Get five other ebook promotion accounts (Goodreads, etc.)

Do a book blog tour.
Do all four Sample Saturdays.
Write 15,000 words of RAVEN.
Write a YA marketing plan

Long-term goals:
Lose 15 more pounds.
Get up to the full weight on Cybex Circuit machines.
Keep my diabetes under control.
Help my stepchildren through college.
Finish the next three novels in my series.
Write for DC Comics.
Finally visit Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy and Spain

Karen said...

Since I'm on vacation with extended family, not too much detail today:

Short term:

April Poem-a-Day Challenge
April Platform Challenge
30 Weight Loss (Healthier You) Missions
Write and submit a piece to Chicken Soup.
Submit 5 poems following PAD Challenge.

Long term:

Be published in Chicken Soup!
Have a poetry chapbook published.

PaulaJHowell said...

Day 2 done! This is fun!

Michael Grove said...

I made 5 lists:
Things to do today.
Things to do This Week.
Things to do This Month
Things to do This Year.
Things to do this decade.

Unfortunately, I didn't get everything done off my "Today" list, will have to finish it off tomorrow and work on the Week list. The YEAR and DECADE lists have some roon to grow. A work in progress.

Nichole L. Reber said...

Here are mine for the month, year, and life.

Optimize my social media skills.

Gain 100 new Twitter followers each month for the next year.

Gain 108 subscribers to my professional Facebook profile.

Get published twice more this spring.

Get three more pieces published this year.

Build my author platform to a level that will pique the interest of publishers.

Build up the participation levels of the two monthly online chats I start hosting in April on SheWrites.

Become a regular member on Litopia.

Build my network of fellow writers.

Help someone get published.

Gain the focus, concentration, detachment, and patience necessary to start and complete a book-- whether a collection of essays or narrative nonfiction-- that I can be proud of.

Increase my blog readership to the point where more writers, those in the publishing industry, and travelers leave more comments. Hopefully it will build to the point of earning some reliable cash each month. I’d like my blog writing to be more professional, more literary, though by no means do I want one of those "This is how to be a professional writer, now buy my...". There are so many other grand writers to do that. To help reach a higher literary quality in my content, I’m considering dropping down from 10 monthly posts to eight, especially because many people come to see as a chore those blogs which publish more frequently.

Enter (and win) at least one contest.

Enter the world of writing residencies. It's lately occurred to me that this may just be the way I comfortably land back in my own country.

Improve my writing, por supuesto!

Much luck to all other writers participating in the social media challenge.

Mona said...

Done. I'm interested in how simple some lists are (like mine -- I know what I mean) and how detailed others are. I recognize the importance of the anti-drift theory of goals, but I'm kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-may pants kind of girl. I like my plans to develop organically and tell me when they're done.

Stormfields2 said...

Some short-term goals:
• Complete Platform Challenge.
• Improve WordPress site.
• Work on branding
• Analyze blogging theme(s). Humor? Personal essays? Andy Rooney? “Chicken Soup”? Memory Lane?
• What audience am I seeking?
• Develop social media presence and have 500 followers (100 by July 1)
• Develop consistent writing time.
• Learn how to research an historical novel.
• Learn to write pitches

Marc C. said...

Finished. My list feels shallow to me. But it helped me realize what I need to get done.

Daibhin said...

Two down, twenty-eight to go. Feels good, and it sure is getting me focussed. Has to be good.

Rena J. Traxel said...


Anonymous said...


Joanna said...

Done at beginning of year and on track :)

Erika D. said...

This was so much more difficult than I thought it would be. Hence, I'm "done" a day late. And not really feeling that I'm quite done.

Rebecca Barray said...

Done. I just made a list of short term goals for ROW80 on my blog so this coincided nicely.

Elissa Field said...


Lynn said...


Kasie Whitener said...


Louise Behiel said...


pushpee said...

done at

Evelyn said...

Evelyn’s Goals

This week:
Edit 10 chapters of ghostwriting project
Call to set up another school visit in ND
Order magazines for school visit
Scan old photos for our family history

Before April 21
Complete edits for the ghostwriting project
Visit publisher with the client
Help client choose pictures for her book
Keep working on the platform challenge
Update power point for school presentations

End of April
Do 2 school visits on writing
Finish platform challenge
Assess next step for publishing ghostwriting book
Set up schedule for article writing in May

By end of May
Write love story article for OakTara’s anthology (due June 15)
Work on story for Clubhouse Jr., kids’ magazine
Take completed ghostwriting manuscript and pictures to publisher
Complete Bachelor’s in Theology

By end of 2012
Submit 3 stories or articles to Clubhouse or Club Jr.
Keep looking for story ideas, interviews, etc.
Submit forgiveness article somewhere
Set up booksigning for ghostwriting project and celebrate!
Work on family history book, gathering stories, facts, pictures
Plan a visit with family up north

Long Term Goals
Publish children’s books
Writer of a popular children’s book series—picture book or early chapter books
Writer of curriculum for kids’ church
Speaker for children and women’s groups
Watch my grandchildren grow up
Be able to say, I have finished my race, I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith.

Skipper Hammond said...

Reading others’ goals has been instructive, but has also prompted a sense of voyeurism. I’m sure most commentors are trustworthy, but anyone can read these comments and I don’t feel comfortable about broadcasting my personal goals. So I’m stating only goals and resolutions as a writer.

Short term goals:
Finish final draft of Legacy of Lies by July 1, including spit and polish
Complete rough draft/outline of sequel
Query complete list of agents and the one small publisher I’m interested in
Be prepared to epublish if querying does not produce results
Get serious about a blog
Optimize Facebook activity
Find one or two writers’/readers’ online networks that are relevant to my interests and challenging yet agreeable, settle in and participate

Maintain work routine
Post regularly on Facebook and blog, when it’s up and running
Be polite to Christians who act like they own Internet sites for writers

Long term goals:
Write many books with popular appeal that move people to create a just, egalitarian, cooperative, democratic society and a sustainable environment.
Find and participate in or create a network of Florida writers committed to saving Natural Florida

Rachel Z Cornell said...

Wonderful challenge: Here’s my short list
short-term goals:
This week:
+complete standard package
+update site with standard package
+write elevator pitch and share on buddy call
+figure out how to embed Badass Project interview onto site
+embed video into post
+write blog post
This month:
+complete Robert’s challenge
+3 blog posts
+5 edits to site
+outline marketing strategy
+learn and set-up affiliate program for packages
+meet fitness goals
+upstairs room becomes framing and project room
This year:
+reduce 1:1 to 5 clients per month
+live up north for the summer
+maintain a weight of 120
+become qualified for a house
+begin shopping for a house
+3000 blog followers
+bring one Nag app to market
+increase business revenue by 5%
Before I die:
+own the home of our choosing
+choose and give to a philanthropic project
+publicly speak on my topic in front of an audience over 2,000
+ride a horse
+create a Daily Nag calendar
+record a book I wrote
+write the above book
+foster a child
+live in Ann Arbor in the summers
+Develop "Create Confidence Course"
+Deliver a "Create Confidence Course" for young adults around the country (globe?)
+Have over 200 people attend my memorial service when I die.

Fred Shrum, III said...

Done! This is a very simple, yet powerful step. You'd be amazed at how many people do not do this. Once it's written down, it's much easier to focus on the goals.

Joan Kane Nichols said...


Short-term Goals
• Dora Finching
• A Novel by Dickens (new title: No Chance or Choice)
• Dora Finching—on blog first?
• No Chance or Choice
• A Girl Named Vincent—query first
• “Another Country”
• “At the Dune Shack”
Build Platform
• Dickens blog—set up/post 5x a week
• Dickens class—prepare for/June-July
• Dickens groups—give April talk to Fellowship/attend Literary Salons
• Dickens contacts—email/Facebook/Goodreads/other blogs
Healthy body
• Lose five pounds. (Where have I heard that before?)
• Walk 10-15 miles a week (40-60 miles a month)
• Exercise classes 2x a week
• Medical/dental visits
Micawber Rule—more income than outgo
• Get tax refund
• Promote Mary Shelley sales
• Reprint out-of-print books
All But the Right Folks—get rights reverted
No Room for a Dog—need an illustrator

Lifetime Goals
• Earn an income writing and publishing the books I want to write.
• Pay off debt
• Finish and publish: Required Reading; The Yellow House; 5-6 short stories
• Get the books that are still mostly in my head into the computer, and the world:
Honours of War, Book of Helen, White Woman/Black Men, Thoreau bio, etc.
• Move back to New York and set up a home with D.
• Keep healthy and live to see my grandchildren grow up, and graduate college, and settle into their careers, and get married, and have children, and . . .

Anne Marie said...


Janann Giles said...


Madeline Sharples said...

Done. It's up on my blog Choices:

I borrowed your little list graphic for it. Thanks.

I agree. This is an important and powerful step. Writing things down makes them a real commitment. I wrote a list of writing goals on my blog on January 1 this year.

cbaustin said...

Thank you for the challenge, since I am one of those writers that gets creative spurts of production between long stretches of idleness.

For day 2, I chose to keep the goals writerly oriented;

short term:
complete MNINB's April challenge
get a few poems published this year (2011 saw two poems published, would like to up the ante a bit)
outline/frame 2 stories/books currently working on

long term:
finish the above mentioned books(at least one of them)
publish a full lenght collection of my own poems
really long term:
become Milwaukee's Poet Laureate

Sam C. Ivy said...

Done and updated from January. Thanks for the 'push' to keep going.
Sam C. Ivy

imunuri said...

Done... and still going... I see it is a dynamic list.

Monique Liddle said...


One of the goals that I would like to accomplish before I die is to write and publish an historical novel set in a medieval European country.

Mary Bauer said...

I update my goals on a monthly basis. Done!

April Galloway said...

I got interrupted yesterday. Finished this afternoon. Here they are before I start on today's challenge:

Short Term Goals:

• Complete the April challenge on My Name Is Not Bob.
• Adhere to my planned schedule every day for two weeks.
• Keep my blogs active.
• Increase my daily physical activity by improving my morning walk time and distance.
• Review and update my short term goals at the end of every month.
• Start a memoir journal.
• Complete Roadtrip Plans for the summer.

Long Term Goals:

• Become a published author with a byline.
• Write, at least, the two books I have in planning stages.
• Develop a habit of meditation and daily Yoga or Tai Chi.
• Become physically fit enough to run instead of walking.
• Learn to speak Spanish semi-fluently
• Double my current income.
• Establish closer relationships with estranged family members.

Susan P said...

Done. This was easy for me. I always have goals in mind and often manage to achieve them. Not because I am particularly motivated or brilliant but because I only set goals that feel right. If the thought of working on a particular goal feels both exciting and scary then I know it is right for me. And, I don't much care about the final product - it has to be the journey that sparks my imagination. After finishing this exercise I was tickled to realize that despite my over the hill status I still have many thrill rides ahead.

caryl said...

I'm fond of lists, so I like this challenge. I'll just give you the highlights of my goals:

short term-

long term-
every day

Claudette Young said...

This was a serious one. Brother did it bring out angst and self-examination. Here goes.

Goals for Today:
1. Complete three poems for challenges—PA, PB, and BlogHer. DONE
2. Post each resulting poem to approp. Websites and blogs DONE
3. Begin rewrite on “Moon Sees All” after checking to make sure of format DONE
4. Complete workout this afternoon DONE

Goals for This Week:
1. Do each day’s challenges from poetry sites and post them all.
2. Work min. one hour each day on “Failures to Blessings”
3. Work min. one hour each day on “Moon Sees All” revision
4. Work min. one hour each day on course work—either Holly’s or BGS
5. Take at least one hour to relax with a good book each day.
6. Talk to Peg
7. Talk to Mikki and apologize for not calling her on the first DONE
8. Finish going through boxes and organizing office—use one hour per day

Goals for This Month:
1. Complete all challenge’s for poetry and platform development
2. Complete BGS course and set aside
3. Get good handle on Lisle course
4. Develop work schedule that allows for rewriting mss and writing poetry
5. Get Cookbook layout completed, recipes placed and formatted
6. Create Budget for the month to allow for what we need and money for next month

Goals for 2012:
1. Finish rewrite and submission process for “The Moon Sees All.”
2. Get Cookbook finished and to publisher/self-publish
3. Lose at least 60 pounds
4. Get more fit so that I won’t need a knee replacement
5. From April through Dec. submit at least two short stories/articles each month to print/online publishers
6. Finish at submit “Failures to Blessings” to Hay House and two other publishers by Sept.
7. Finish and submit “Dreamie’s Box to print publisher/MuseItUp
8. Finish and submit “Forest Primeval” to publisher—Knopf?
9. Successfully conclude the first nine months of Lisle course.

Goals to Accomplish Before I Die:
1. Visit Europe on extended vacation
2. Publish at least three books in both fiction and non-fiction
3. Produce a steady stream of published articles, stories, essays, and poetry
4. Find a place where I can be content for more than a few years
5. Become the person I know I can be
6. Have enough continuous income that I don’t feel concern when a bill arrives
7. Get rid of both properties that are weighing me down.
8. Learn to sail
9. Go to Disney World and Epcot Center
10. Experience all of the National Parks in the country
11. Enjoy good health and vitality for a long while before death.

Jane Louise Newhagen said...


Short-term goals:
1. Write a strong short story for the Taos Conference in July.
2. Write a mystery story for the local theater contest.
3. Create and publish a photo book of my ancestry for my children.
4. Begin the third book in my Tales of Old Key West series.
5. Start to regularly submit stories to contests.
6. Monitor and take care of health issues.
7. Lose 20 pounds.
8. Develop my personal social network.

Long-term goals:
1. Finish my second term on library board of directors.
2. See my mentee graduate from high school and go to college.
3. Have more open and affectionate relationships with my children.
4. Read and write daily.
5. Exercise daily.
6. Become tidier and more organized.
7. Present an attractive, intelligent, and loving presence.
8. Publish a story anthology.

Kendra Merritt said...

Done. Short term, don't blow my pitch at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference this month. Long term, depends on whether or not I blow my pitch...

essay said...

Short term: write, be available, simplify, keep up with the stuff I'm supposed to keep up with.

Long term: write, be available, simplify, keep up with the stuff I'm supposed to keep up with, keep traveling, get all photos into printed books for children, and never go into debt.

Joannie said...

Done. I'd ask whether the next step is to look at each goal and build a plan (things you can do) to get there--but I've already seen Day 3. :-)

Mary said...


LittleWing said...

Done. This is just such a great thing you're doing. Thanks for reminding me to incorporate the health and growth of my family in this whole world domination process. They are everything :-)

J. B. Everett said...

Done - sort of scary but exciting to see it all written down!

Lori Degman said...

I wrote my goals but I'm keeping them to myself :-)

Muddy said...

Done! I might have too many goals though. Where will I find the time? :) Maybe some can be very long-term goals!


TheDaughter said...

Done! This was way easier than accomplishments. I certainly have high hopes...noe to back them up with a platform!

Susan K. Stewart said...

Short term goals -
1. Actually complete everything on my writing schedule each week.
2. Make my way through this challenge.
3. Get the contract for my book signed (My agent's revisions are now in the publishers hands. Although I have no control over right now -- it's a goal.)
4. Write a list of all my many ideas and see which one I should begin to work on. (Pray, pray, pray)

Long Term Goals
1. Re-write two previously self-published books and convert to e-books.
2. Write and publish the book of my heart.
3. Hug my grandkiddos more often -- they all live in different states. So that means I need to travel more.
4. Travel the U.S. by train.

Bucket List
1. Go to Scotland
2. Publish a novel (I write non-fiction so this is a stretch.)

My Bucket List is actually longer -- I'll not bore you.

Julia said...

This exercise is very helpful, and I'm thinking of creating a new vision board around both my short & long time goals.

Donna said...

Another Great challenge. My main goal for the last five years of my life was to donate my daughter a kidney to give her life again. I was finally able to do that October, 2011. It is very interesting making new goal lists, as that used to be the only goal I had in my life.

Brandi Amara Skyy said...

yea! I have about 3 different notebooks full of goals so this was a perfect opportunity for me to organize them.

Jennifer said...

Day 2 is done. I have a lot of short term and long term goals. They do not match my statement of who I am which might be why I am not finishing my goals. I need to work on that. I think I'll start today. This April challenge is a great idea. I look forward to the next one.

Rhonda Parrish said...

And, done :)

I was lucky in that I'd blogged about my goals for the year back in January so that covered the 'short term' portion :)

Beth (Elizabeth) LaMie said...

Short-term goals:
• In April, complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog
• In April, complete conducting Memoir workshop in Palos Park
• This week, prepare for Easter dinner for my family
• Submit proposal for summer workshops
• Write & send April newsletter
• Spend more time with grandchildren
Long-term goals:
• Publish book on Ethical Wills
• Spend more time with my family

Rowanwolf said...

Short-Term Goals:
1-Enter 2 entries in Abandoned Towers Contest May 2012 (1 down, 1 to go)
2-Enter online flash fiction contest April 2012 (under final revision)
3-Post on blog at least 2x per week.
4-Paint living room.
5-Exercise more, eat better and lose 10 pounds.
6-Read and review a book a week (preferably on blog).
7-Establish a biweekly Girls Night Out!

Long-Term Goals:
1-Go through Steering the Craft workshop exercises.
2-Finish polishing TBK manuscript and continue querying.
3-Finish Crossroads WIP.
4-First draft of BW WIP.
5-Improve financial bottom line and purchase house.
6-Become the best mom I can be.
7-Publish the above works, consider self publishing if finding an agent doesn't work out.

GeminiWriter said...

Okay. Goals.
Biggest short term goal: make current ebook profitable.
Oh, and have a baby in 14 days.
Long term: raise said baby into a productive adult and write and publish many successful books.

Heather Marsten said...

Sorry this went up late - it didn't come to my inbox until yesterday early AM and I was out of town.

Short term:
Fill out FAFSA for kids
By end of summer have second draft completed
Begin constructing query letter
Blog once a week on my two blogs
Declutter house
Get platform established

Long term goals:'
Pay off house loan
Start new book

Sheila Deeth said...

Short term goals:

complete WIP by mid-April and submit to publisher
Complete April Platform challenge
Check what happened to my romance submission
Advertise buy and sell Change is on the Wind
Plan a trip to England

Long term goals:
Work out how to market Inspired by Faith and Science books
Help other writers in our local writers group to market their work
Make money writing or get a job that leaves me free to write
Retire useful

Kathy Sterndahl said...

Done. This is what I thought was missing from yesterday's challenge.

HopefulJo said...

Finished this on April 2

Julia Tomiak said...

I'd already thought about these because of posts you and Brian Klems had around New Year's - so thanks! I've started a special notebook to keep up with all of the assignments for this challenge to help keep me honest!

Cameron said...

Done. Late, but done.

Barbara Morrison said...

Good exercise. Made me realise I've probably been trying to do too much. Am revising for more realistic goals.

_SaraMarcella_ said...

Done. My list is far too long to post here, so I will leave just a general idea.

Short-term: Work on script, complete NaPoWriMo, create site

Long-term: Finish my novel I've been working on for a while, learn a Foreign language, Live in England

Paul Ellis said...

Complete list here.

Sheila Good said...

Short Term goals:
1. Complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog.
2. Increase Blog traffic
3. submit short stories to at least 3 publications
4. Complete my novel by June

Long Term Goals:
1. Publish novel
2. Attend next years conference
3. Read more
4. Balance my time better
5. Keep improving

rhonda said...

this one's done! next!

Kristi Carver said...

Robert Lee Brewer, you inspire me! I'm just a day or so behind, have a blog in place, and am tending to it... so much to do, and so little time, story of my life. I'm on Twitter @KristiKCarver, very much a newbie;)

Hoping to get un-crazed over the weekend! Thank you with all your help with that!

Norma Huss said...

Short term goals:
1. Write a guest blog for Spunky Seniors
2. Plot new mystery - Forgotten Body
3. Proof-read the completed pre-publication PDF for my father’s adventure/memoir A Knucklehead in 1920's Alaska
4. Attend Pennwriters Conference in May and ask that my books be included with those the designated bookstore will have for sale
5. Host Easter breakfast for a daughter and granddaughter.

Long term goals:
1. Complete YA Cherish and self-publish or sell to agent/publisher
2. Promote Knuckhead to museums - especially in Alaska
3. Build a fabulous platform and push my two current mysteries into best-sellerdom (one can aim high!)
4. Fly across the continent to visit my 102-year old mother.
5. Start a blog dedicated to mystery, history, and ghosts.
6. Live at least as long as my mother (and Grandma Moses).
7. Write for another twenty years before I retire.

Gerry said...

This one was easier than I thought it would be, but it's a work in progress:

Short-term goals:
• Complete April Platform exercises.
• Decide which short story drafts to focus on and revise.
• Write a new story, start to finish, by the end of April.
• Revise the novel (maybe a chapter a day?); complete by end of May.
• Keep sending stories out!

Long-term goals:
• Finish novel revisions and get it ready to query.
• Revise the first novel AGAIN and query.
• Put together a story collection.
• Get an agent.
• Publish!
• Stay healthy.
• See my grandchildren grow up.

ceeess said...

Short term goals

Complete NaPoWriMo and PAD challenges
Have between 30 to 60 new draft poems at the end of April
Complete the MNINB Platform challenge
Participate in April John Barton workshop
Attend Massachusetts workshop with James Arthur in May

Long term goals

publish second chapbook now in the edit stages
create Ancestor poems for a complete collection
get a firm submissions process in place for poems
submit Ancestor poems manuscript
declutter house and prepare for selling
move to a smaller more manageable house
worry less about things I cannot change

Carol A. Stephen

allysonyj said...

goals for april:
• In April, complete April Platform Challenge on My Name Is Not Bob blog.
• In April, get LATC article to editor by 4/15
• By April 12, write 69,778 words of my novel.
• By end of April, write 74,778 words of my novel.
• Be end of April, complete 20 posts on my website.

Linda said...

Done (for the moment--my short-term list is always fluid)

I try to revisit goals every year on various personal anniversaries, but have noticed if I list too many annual goals, I overwhelm myself and treat them like New Year's resolutions. I chip away a bit at all but don't focus on any so many don't come to fruition.

I'm hoping these exercises will help me focus.

JeanElaine said...


Gail Kushner said...

Short-term goals:

Sell 2012 books this year

Arrange presentations at local bookstores, then enlarge the bookstore circle

Get my printed book on Amazon (need to overcome “technical difficulties”)

Prepare and list my e-book on Amazon

Post to my blog each week

Interview psychics

Learn more about social media so that I can figure out how much time to put into it

Long-term goals:

Write a second book focusing on the psychics’ interviews

Using my personal gifts, make enough money to be financially free

Become an expert on psychic ability so that people ask me to present the information I have learned

Continue to be part of a healthy, happy family.

P.S. How do you guys get the bullet points for your lists?

Cindy said...

Writing Goals
Short Term:
Ø Get short story published
Ø Successfully complete Creative Writing class
Ø Start blog – need to determine what to blog about – first idea already taken
Ø Work on website
Ø Get nephew and his family out of house
Ø Restart Kings Mountain Writer’s Group

Long Term:
Ø Finish novel started in 1980
Ø Start and complete other works in progress
Ø Build a bigger client base on oDesk and branch out to local merchants
Ø Get nephew and his family out of house (yes, this is both a short and long term goal)
Ø Improve my health

Sierra Steele said...


Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...


Short-term goals:

1. In April complete editing new anthology Beyond the Dark Room.
2. Complete April PAD
3. Continue with Brenda Warren’s Wordling on Sundays and
4. Posting to Poets United Thursday Think Tank and Sunday Pantry
5. Finish this April Platform Challenge on My Name is Not Bob Blog.
6. Edit two novels that were actually read (shame on me!!!) by a committee at a major publishing house (and passed on personally and with suggestions).
7. Submit poetry to publications in addition to favorite poetry sites.

Long – term goals: (in no particular order)…
1. Continue to appreciate with gratitude all that I have and no linger on what has passed or elusive.
2. Have my first book on stepmothering (the rights of which I have regained) back in print.
3. Publish a full-length poetry collection
4. Publish the more than dozen short stories that have been languishing.
5. Query and write another several self-help books now that I have almost two decades of professional experience working with people who continue to fascinate me with their resilience.
6. Although, I do believe that this one is not in my control get at least one of my novels published by a known publishing house.

(and the life-time … not really in my hands sort of goals)
Most importantly CREATE A NEW LIST… I actually had created a list when I was about twelve and was at a loss at a certain point in adulthood when I shocking realized I had come to the end! )

7. If I get hit by the “proverbial pie truck” have folks say that she was a bit meandering in her thinking but that basically she was a kind person who saw the good in the world and brought out the good in people so that they could enjoy themselves.
8. Be a ‘must-have’ on the bookshelves of at least a hundred lovers of fiction/poetry/language.
9. Be able to breathe and enjoy peace of mind despite or alongside any challenge that may come my way.
10.When the inevitable time comes –be not filled with rage or

Blyth said...


Mary said...

Listed 5 short term and 5 long term goals.

Bernadette Ignacio said...

Short-term goals:

-In April continue Not Bob’s Challenge
-Do morning pages for the rest of April
-Finish next Chapter or The Artist’s Way
-Get job at Bulldog, start saving @ least $100 a week for SF moving fund
-Outline 1 P.I trip travel article
-Research publications for article sale
-Find a Tagalog class
List, done! Sharing, done!

Long-term goals:

-September, move to San Francisco
-Become a successful a freelance travel, food & drink, yoga and well being review writer
-Start chipping down SDSU debt
-Continue to earn more to support my family, and inspire them to chase their own dreams
-Travel to all continents of the world (w/ the exception of Antarctica, no real desire to go there)

Matt Nelson said...


Norma Shephard said...

I plan to live another sixty years so that's a lot of goals.

Another tough but necessary assignment.

beatrix said...

Done. My lists were long, but included (short term) get paid for writing and (long term) support myself with my writing.

(Lara Britt. aka Lori Sailiata aka beatrix)

Donna said...


Poor and Gluten Free said...

Phew, feeling a bit outrageous with some of my long term goals, but if you don't dare to dream it, it can't happen, right?

Marc Scott said...

Better late than never. Got it done. Btw, I love your goals!

Sabrina said...


Susan Scott said...

Late to the table ... day set aside to do all

short term goals:
*Increase awareness of my book
"In Praise of Lilith, Eve & the Serpent in the Garden of Eden & Other Stories by Susan Scott" (available from as Kindle etc as download for $5)
*be proficient and effective in use of social media and blogging (
*raise blog readership
*keep to good time management
*to DO journal writing

Actually these are also my long term goals

SaraV said...

Short Term Goals
-Complete April Platform challenge
-Complete April PAD challenge
-Finish office rennovation
-Complete boating safety course

Long term goals
-Finish editing my manuscript
-Self publish my manuscript
-stay fit
-get my dad to see an endincronologist
-keep creating art
-submit a poem and deal with rejection better

Marian O'Brien Paul said...


CERN Wife said...

Short-term Goals:
• Complete the MNINB April Platform Challenge
• Exercise, and limit patisseries and wine consumption
• Write minimum one blogpost per week
• Send queries for articles to be published in newspapers and magazines
• Paint glassware as gifts before leaving France
• Do research on Pays de Gex before June
• Be a good hostess to everyone who’s coming to visit the last 2 months we’re here
• Pack up apartment to go back to the US and try not to cry

Long-term Goals:
• Unpack stuff from France when we return to Oakland
• Exercise, and limit sugar, wine, pizza, and beer
• Hire someone to rip up gross carpet and install hardwood floors in house
• Find an art studio and set up supplies that are in storage
• Maintain Etsy site and create own website for selling art
• Edit memoir on life in Iran during the Islamic Revolution
• Write book about immigration and culture change re family
• Create a series of paintings that will command high prices
• Continue to study French, and re-learn Farsi
• Take mandolin lessons
• Publish articles about Iran, France, Israel
• Continue with blog, cernwife, although I’ll be back in Oakland
• Make money through art and/or writing
• Find an agent who won’t say, “But you don’t have a platform!”

R. Kojetin said...

Here are my two lists. However, as I go through the day, I seem to be adding to the lists.

o Organize my short stories
o Organize my poems
o Write two articles for Helium each month
o Write two articles for Suite101 each month
o Finish Tomorrow Relies on Yesterday
o Polish one story each month and submit for publication (total of 9)
o Polish one poem each month and submit for publication (total of 9)
o Post on my blogs: Writer’s Mind (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) / Hold the Mayo (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
o Get house cleaned and de-cluttered
o Get lawn and garden in shape (That means contact a landscaper for the front of the house.)
o Read through and revise curriculum handouts for my sophomores, creative writing students, and speech students
o Weed out my teaching files at work
o Finish my “Competent Communicator” speech manual and work to get further in my leadership manual for Toastmasters.

o Publish my writing
o Create a public speaking career
o Create a freelance writing career
o Retire from teaching in Rockford at the high school level
o Get house ready to sell and move out of state

cecilia gunther said...

Good morning Bob!
My short term goals
1) Build a pig sty
2)Get all Farmy Postcards off my desk and out into a sellers space.
3)Deliver my reluctant and interminably pregnant ewe of her multiple lambs.
4)Blog every day. Is something you do anyway a goal? I mean it is a goal i am achieving every day. Yes i shall call it a goal.
5)Every week, block out another of the short stories on the list
6)Visit my son in California.
7)create one excellent image a week for the postcard collection
8)Write on work OTHER than the blog in the afternoons
9)Get caught up on this challenge by Sunday evening.

Long Term Goals.
1) Finish rebuilding the broken down old barn
2)Develop a small herd of grass fed Herefords
3) Train a small group of animals to visit retirement homes, called Celi's Travelling Farmy. I already do this with a dog but we are developing.
4)Collate, polish and Publish Short Stories
5)Collate, polish and Publish Childrens book
6) Turn farm Blog into Farm Book!
Oh well i think that is quyite enough for the moment! Ok onto Number three.. celi

GoingVeggie said...

Done. Again, working in batches. Amazed that so many people submit their goals here. Even more amazed that I read them.

Nita said...

Done. At least, all I can think of at the moment. I know there is a lot more that will be added to these lists as I go through the challenges.

Theofan said...

Short term goals.

Finish this blog challenge
Complete chapter 15 in my novel
Write two flash fiction stories for the Flash Factory
Clean up my old flashes for publication
Submit one story for publication
Start exercising again.
Learn new food preserving techniques

Long Term Goals

For the year 2012:
Complete my novel “Bound in Heaven”
Submit 30 flashes for publication
Begin my ‘Heaven’ blog.
Begin long term prepping.

Past 2012

Complete the 4 novels in the ‘Bound’ series (provided that the first one is published)

Michelle said...

I don't know why this task was the one I kept putting off. Finally, today, I completed it and blogged my udpated goals in a post titled, "Writing Goals - My Writing Bucket List revisited"'s the link:

Melissa Damon said...


Dianne said...

Done! I'm on FIRE today!! :-)

Short Term Goals:

Create an editorial calendar for my blog

Write blog posts in advance as much as possible so that I have 2 weeks' worth of posts written ahead (then I only have to tweak them before publishing)
Hit my next weight loss goal of 339 by the end of April
Work out a livable schedule for writing/blogging and handling my social media

Start shooting video of myself as I go through this weight loss journey

Long Term:

Publish my first e-book

Get a promotion to the Social Media department where I work

Create a viral video of my total weight loss that brings people to my blog

Be featured in People Magazine's "Half Their Size" issue

Pay off debts/become financially secure

Buy a ranch in Texas with a huge outdoor kitchen for the hubby...he deserves it :-)

Laotz00 said...

Done for Day 2!

Penny said...

Short term:
Start a new list
Break down my day better. (Time manage)
Write more.
Get organized.
exercise more.
stick to my diet.

Long Term:
Get published.
Be able to stay home with my mom, so I can be a better caretaker.
Travel more.
Buy a house.

Sarah Mäkelä said...

Done with Day 2's goal-setting.

Marsha said...

Done. I've kept it to writing goals just to keep things simple.

Gabriel Stovall said...

Done. Slowly making up ground!

Shirley is not my name said...

Train the voices in my head to speak one at a time so I can write the words on paper.

Complete one chapter of my book.

Blog consistently.

Survive summer (without committing homicide or suicide) in the States visiting colleges as the girl-child has decided to transfer.

Walk/exercise 3 times a week.

Learn to stay focused.

Establish my platform.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Swimming. Swimming.

Long-term goals:

Publish book by end of year.

Reach more followers on my social media sites.

Keep living life to the fullest.

Denise Stanley said...

Done with Day 2.

laurel mcdonald said...

Day Two is done. Laurel

laurel mcdonald said...

Day Two is done. Laurel

Amy Freeman said...

Oooook, here goes...

Short Term Goals:

Maintain Blog.

Get organized by the end of the week!

complete writing assignment for my class.

Attend new writing group.

finish editing MS.

Long Term Goals:

Get to a writer's conference!!

Get an Editor or an Agent by the end of this year!

Publish my book within a year.

Complete my series and other current projects!


Kerry said...

Where did I go????

Short term goals:
1. Finish My Name Is not Bob challenge
2. Finish website
3. Get moved by April 30th
4. Find 33 donations for the annual ball

Long term goals:
1. Exercise for 30 minutes every day
2. Finish my novel and get it published
3. Break into the copywriting industry
4. Decide where I want to settle and put down roots.

Monica Miller said...

Short-term goals, God willing:
• Complete the April platform challenge in 30 days or less from my start date of October 22. That means the last challenge is to be completed on or before November 20, 2012.
• Be open to whatever God wants me to do. That includes letting go of hiding in a bubble. This platform challenge is an action of faith and celebration of coming out of that bubble.
• Continue with marketing on my first book.
• Decide what my next book project will be and begin writing it!
• Find a balance in my life that allows me to grow in the Lord and be the wife God wants me to be, while keeping up on blogs and other platform responsibilities, as well as reading books and writing productively and playing violin and nurturing the relationships God has entrusted me with. Oh, and that I may continue baking cookies for my husband and keep the house nice.

Long-term goals (if God is willing):
• Somehow, without money being my motivator (only God can sort this out), and without sacrificing being a good wife and homemaker (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me), to make a living with my writing, so that my husband doesn't have to work at a job he dreads going to, and that we may live comfortably on the royalties for as long as we live.
• Always be open to whatever God wants me to do.
• Live out God’s healthy balance of giving and receiving.
• Complete the next book and many more besides.
• Reach thousands and maybe even millions with my books and blogs. With God, all things are possible!
• Always talk to God about my hopes and dreams. I know He put some, and maybe all, of them there.
• Let everything I do be motivated by love.

Pennie said...

I forgot to comment yesterday, when I did this assignment. It ended up being a lot simpler than I expected. Thank you for simplifying these things so we can get on with being productive.