Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Platform Challenge: Day 4

I hope you're enjoying the challenge so far. If you found yesterday's task simple, today's should be even easier. However, it's an important piece of the online platform puzzle, especially with some of the future tasks you'll be asked to perform later this month.

Here's what I look like on
Twitter @robertleebrewer

For today's task, create a Twitter account. That's right. Go to and sign up--if you're not already. This task will definitely take less than 5 minutes.

(Note: If you leave your Twitter handle in the comments below, I'll be sure to include you in a special Tweeps to Follow list related to the April Platform Challenge.)

As with Facebook, I won't be surprised to learn that most of the participants in this challenge already have a Twitter account. Whether you have an account or not, be sure to check out this Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers. It's not anything ground-breaking, but it does cover some of the basics.

With Twitter, here are three important things to keep in mind:
  • Make your profile bio relevant. You might want to use a version of that sentence you wrote for Day 1's task. Incorporate humor if possible (see mine for an example).
  • Use an image of yourself. One thing about social media (and online networking) is that people love to connect with other people. So use an image of yourself--not of your pet, a cute comic strip, a new age image, flowers, robots, etc.
  • Make your Twitter handle your byline--if possible. For instance, I am known as @RobertLeeBrewer on Twitter, because I use Robert Lee Brewer as my byline on articles, in interviews, at speaking events, on books, etc. Be as consistent with your byline as humanly possible.
Once you're in Twitter, try finding some worthwhile tweeps to follow. If you need suggestions, here are 101 Tweeps for Writers to Follow. It's a great starting place.

Also, be sure to make a Tweet or two. Need an idea for a Tweet? Why not link to each day's challenge?

Have fun Tweeting today!


Need to play catch up on this challenge? Here's what we've done so far:


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Anonymous said...


R. Kojetin said...

I had signed up for a Twitter account after the AWP Convention in Chicago. Here is my twitter link, but I am still trying to understand how it all works.


GoingVeggie said...

Been rockin' Twitter for years, but mostly in self-defense. Again, I find the handle for my business/passion more usable than that of my online persona of Veggie Val. Feel free to talk #veg*n to me at @GoingVeggie. ;-D

Nita said...

Done. Already had a Twitter account but slow at using it. @nitaleland_1

Theofan said...!/APDiggs

Melissa Damon said...


Dianne said...


I've had Twitter for years and actually need to get a better handle on using it to my advantage.

amylyon said...

I'm about 9 days behind on the social media challenge (just found it!) but I'm determined to rock through it!

Theofan said...



Sarah Mäkelä said...

I already have a twitter account. @sarahmakela

Penny said...

@Hormonalgirl. Forgot I had a twitter account-can I change my name?

PastorGCS said...

Done. My twitter handle: @gabrielcstovall

Diane Radford MD said...

I started on Twitter last year and have found it very helpful. My handle is
Thanks for all your tips.

Shirley is not my name said...

I had avoided Twitter like the plague. I don't really know why, but at any rate I signed up a little while ago and find it a little addictive. (smh) Any-hoo my twitter handle is @namesnotshirley.

Denise Stanley said...

This was an easy one. I already had a Twitter account.

Penny said...

Well after days of trying I do believe I have fixed my Twitter account I have had. Follow me @HormonalGirl.

Telly said...

This is a great project for building platform. Thanks for coordinating. @telwrites

Rena J. Traxel said...

Done! I've been on Twitter for about year now.

Rena J. Traxel said...

Twitter handle @renajtraxel

Robert Holm said...

Handle: @ScrawlRHolm. Mostly auto-tweeting for now, but I'd be happy to engage more (hint, hint) with fellow aficionados of speculative fiction and the weird.

Sarah Crisman said...


I am getting a kick out of this challenge! Tweeting about #Brewer30 with @GRichardsBros.

Thanks, Robert!

Monica Miller said...

Done! @MonicaMiller123

Pennie said...

Done! Thank you!

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