Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MNINB Spin Offs

So this challenge has been super exciting. I never know how these ideas of mine are going to play out, and this one has definitely been a winner--not because of anything I've done really, but more because of the great community that has formed and spun this challenge into several different directions.

The #MNINB chat is just one spin-off of this April Challenge.

For instance, we're about to have our second #MNINB chat on Twitter (okay, I totally take credit for planning to have a Twitter chat during April, though I should mention the specific hashtag was suggested by April Platform Challengers). Last week's chat was super informational and inspiring.

Beyond that, there's a very cool MNINB group on Facebook. Click here to check it out. There are some really interesting posts happening there, including guest post opportunities and folks sharing various online tools.

Someone mentioned LinkedIn and Google+ groups as well, though I haven't been able to find those. If you happen to know of these, just let me know in the Comments below (and include a link).

Speaking of the comments, that's where a lot of wonderful information has been shared this month as well. I can't wait to have a moment to breathe and go back through the comments for each day, because there's honestly been so much to find in there. Thank you for that!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the MNINB spin-offs. Hope to see you at the #MNINB chat. I think they'll continue on Tuesdays beyond April.


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J. B. Everett said...

the facebook page is MNINB Platform Challengers


The Linkedin group is e writers platform building


Mel Jones said...

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/eWriters-Platform-Building-4390381?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

Brooke Ryter said...

Google+ Page is located here!


Diane said...

done...joined the facebook group

Lynn said...

I joined the MNINB FB page! Very cool.

Lara Britt said...

Now we are also collaborating on a group blog: #MNINB April Platform Challengers: Done But Not Over http://notbobbers.wordpress.com/
Truly amazing experience. Thank you, Robert for all you have inspired us to do.