Sunday, January 19, 2014

Solving the World's Problems and a Poem or Critique

With Groundhog Day on the horizon (a personal favorite of Tammy and me), I thought I'd offer a special deal on orders of Solving the World's Problems. Everyone who orders a copy of Solving the World's Problems directly from me for $20 (shipping included) between today (January 19) and Groundhog Day (February 2) will receive a copy of the book and one of these special gifts:
  1. Personalized poem based off a few questions I send your way. (Thanks, Aaron Belz, for the idea!) Or, if that's not up your alley...
  2. Personalized critique of a poem you've written (up to 32 lines). You send the poem, and I'll send you personalized feedback.
Choose one or the other, and get a book in the process that's received nothing but glowing reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and poetry sites. For instance, Savvy Verse & Wit made Solving the World's Problems a "Best of 2013" book selection.

To order your copy and poem or critique, send me an e-mail at with the subject line: STWP Order.

Let me know if you'd prefer to pay by check or PayPal, and also give me your preference of a personalized poem or critique.

Don't Forget the Remix Challenge!
Once you have a copy of the book, enjoy the poems, but don't forget the Remixing the World's Problems Challenge! The basic idea is that I'm challenging readers to devise clever remixes of the poems in Solving the World's Problems and enter them (no entry fee) for a chance to win $500!

Here are guidelines for that.

But first, order your copy today!


Linda H. said...

My mother just sent it to me in the mail (for Christmas). Had I known...


wordrustling said...

I LOVE my copy Robert!! I feel so honored to hold a signed copy! Thank you for all you do in pursuing and promoting the writerly way! :)'s to you and Tammy and the kiddos and a Happy Groundhog day to you as well!