Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tomorrow's just a few minutes away

Today was a day in which I came armed with a To-Do list, and a determination to hit the ground running by crossing things off my To-Do list. Unfortunately, our servers were down when I got into work this morning and the one program I needed to work to do more than half my To-Do list didn't get operational until literally minutes after I left the building (I just caught up with my e-mail using our webmail system). Ugh!

But such is life when you work for a media company, and if you're serious about doing a good job, then the only thing you can do is let go of Thursday and attack Friday with a renewed sense of purpose. Because Friday is the only thing between me and another weekend with Ben and Jonah (and then, a--hopefully--uneventful trip back down home to Duluth, GA).


Picked the boys up from their busstop today. They were super thrilled to see me. Then, we went out to see a movie, which was a nice treat (both for them and for me). We watched a Jackie Chan family movie (think it was called The Spy Next Door maybe?). It was cute.

While I was waiting for the boys, I read from an advance copy of The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (Ecco), which is due for release March 2, 2010. This is really an awesome anthology--with poems from all over the world (from Pakistan to Chile and from Poland to Korea)--and it includes known (to me) quantities like Lorca, Neruda and Milosz, but then also so many who I have never read before.

In fact, this anthology inspired my poem for today:


The deeper
meaning is this
bare tree branch
that lost its leaves.

Now snow swirls
around the branch
but its leaves
will grow again.

The exposed
nest will hide and
hatch bird songs
for spring once more.


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