Monday, April 19, 2010

Is April the cruelest month?

Hardly. But it is traditionally one of the busiest months for me--with this year being no different.

If you want to check my poem a day progress in 2010, then head on over to my Poetic Asides blog, where I've been posting a prompt and a poem throughout National Poetry Month.

Some personal highlights so far this month:
  • Took a day trip to Savannah, GA, with Tammy and Baby Will. I was super impressed with the giant oak trees, cool buildings and layout of the streets. We hit Tybee Island (to splash around in the ocean a bit) and swung through Bonaventure Cemetery.
  • Accepted a friend request from my mom on Facebook. I was glad to do it, but it marks the first time my mom has been on the Internet. Since she's retired, I hope she doesn't get addicted to Farmville or Mafia Wars or something.
  • Been walking and losing weight. In a joint effort with Tammy, we've been eating better (most of the time) and walking every day. It's given us a nice excuse to enjoy nature, each other's company and burn calories at the same time. Hooray for multi-tasking!

Anyway, I am seriously busy this month with books, databases, web interfaces and poetry, so I better get back to it. Have a great day!


Stiletto said...

This April is busy for me as well. Your PAD Challenge, my one hour walking, my dancing and English classes.

And of course, my job!

Hooray for multi-tasking!

Take care,

Theta said...

Hi - I am following your poetic asides PAD April challenge and (I guess like others) can't get my poems to post as comments. It just keeps asking me to put in the code... I can't tell if my poem Terry Watson was a Boy A Scout went up as a comment or not and can't find an email for you. Sorry. But I am Theta, at
thanks for your work!

Across the Lake Eerily said...

You know how it is up around the lakes. Once the weather gives the mere suggestion of changing for the better, well, that becomes the excuse. Getting the walking in, and the eating better is a goal as well. April is the beginning of the year around here.


Mary said...

For me (Wisconsin) April is the season of rebirth. Every day better! But then again I have spent the last ten days on Waikiki (every day best!) and enjoyed 5 - 8 mile walks every day. We go home today. Sigh. Glad you are back to walking, Robert. It is an addiction for me. I do it at home too, but all winter walk in the Y on the treadmill rather than outdoors in our cruel winter. I've done every one of your poetry challenges so far, have enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work with your blog, writing, and walking!

Tawnya Smith said...

Maybe not the cruelest month, April's had the cruelest weekend. Not satisfied with depriving me of sleep gifting me with allergies, she blessed my weekend with a nasty spat with my husband (re: how much time I spend on this poetry hobby). The final present was my first negative comment--an angry, sarcastic of my skill as much as my poem. I'm thinking about avoiding weekends altogether.

Yousei Hime

Jessie Carty said...

glad you are managing to balance all the April Poetry Madness with getting walking etc in :)