Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When is enough too much?

Hmm...why do I ask myself questions? Because then I have to answer them.

I'm now involved on the new Writer's Digest community. Not sure if I'm allowed to officially announce the community, but I think you can sign up and friend me. Like most awesome social networks, it's free. But especially since it's tied to F+W, it's also time, which is and isn't (mostly isn't) free. When am I stretched too thin? Or, when is my involvement in one area sucking me away from somewhere else? These are great questions.

Whenever I get this way, I have to sit down and make a "to-do" list. I also have to re-evaluate my situation and my goals. If things are not synching up, I have to consider changes. Sometimes, changes can be simple (like only spend 15 minutes a day on Twitter or do 100 jumping jacks before lunchtime). Other times, changes can be complicated and scary (like when I felt the need to divorce my first wife). Changes may or may not fix the underlying problem I'm suffering, but I at least feel like I'm trying when I use my "to-do" list/goal-setting system.

And I'm not going to wait until tomorrow. Tonight (after this post actually), I'm going to get down to the business of making my "to-do" list and comparing against my goals, so that tomorrow morning I can hit the ground running.


Amanda Oaks posted a poem I wrote today for my weekly Wednesday Poetry Prompts post on Poetic Asides. She matched my poem with an awesome (and appropriate for the poem) image. You can view them at Amanda's Kind Over Matter blog by clicking here. (Thanks, Amanda!)


Parenting observation: One thing about kids (after more than 8 years raising 4 boys) is that you can start trying to get them to bed as early as YOU want, but they'll go to sleep whenever THEY darn well please.


General observation: The above parenting observation is true of so many other things. Just replace the x and y, and you'll get a new z.


I'm getting excited about my brother David's wedding on November 1. He's only 50 weeks younger than me, and we're close enough that he's selected me to be his best man. It should be a great event, because it'll be one of those rare (and ever getting rarer) times when all three of us Brewer brothers will be together at the same time. I'm always so proud of both my brothers, and they both make me laugh so much. (Ack! It's just dawned on me that I need to come up with some kind of speech for the reception. Double ack!)

Besides now worrying about giving a wedding speech, all is well at the Brewer homestead. Reese and Will are in bed; Tammy is relaxing in the living room with some hot chocolate; and I'm off to make my "to-do" list.


Anonymous said...

Yes, when I first started writing, I did everything there was that I knew of. But the more I write, the more things I know about, and the more and more I have to scale back what it is I choose to do.

Because not every writing related thing helps me, and those things that do not help me I ought to at least enjoy. And sometimes I don't even have that.

So I feel your pain. haha

Anonymous said...

Your timing is perfect. I was just thinking about all of the things I need to/want to/should be doing. I also feel stretched in too many directions, which of course makes us weak at some points. Need to work on that. Glad to hear about the Writer's Digest community, though :)

Pris said...

You're definitely overworked, but you seem to enjoy it, kiddo! Tammy with hot chocolate. That sounds so cozy.

Enjoy the wedding.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

I do enjoy it, Pris! Just a matter of trying to prioritize and stuff. Lord knows that if I could, I would try doing it all.

Jessie Carty said...

I find myself, every month or so having to reassess, and with how long my to do list was this week with not dones i really need to revisit it again!