Thursday, May 19, 2011

Timely and Timeless Poem: We All Got Some Crazy

During my time on this planet, the world has had a few predicted ends. While being raptured on May 21 would be nice (at least for those who are raptured), here's hoping we make it to May 22. Then, we can all get our focus back on 2012.

We all got some crazy, by Robert Lee Brewer

No use fighting it--the crazy--because
it comes anyway, or maybe it was
always there--hiding under the covers,
lurking in the shadows, or standing in
plain view, so obvious we edit it
out or take it for granted. Even I
like to play with numbers and meaningless
statistics, and now people with placards
and pamphlets say the world's about to end,
but I won't argue until it doesn't.


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Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said... the kids would say "no jinx"
If the world as we know it ends...will we know it?

Thanks for the poem!

Anonymous said...

This is what you can call telling it like it is. Hehe :)