Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Movies Ever (According to Me)

Okay, I realize everyone has their own favorite movies. That's cool. However, these are my favorites.
  1. It's a Wonderful Life. Often mistaken as just a Christmas movie, this is the movie of one man's life and how important he is--even if he's not a war hero, millionaire, or famous explorer. This movie is about as light and dark as any I've ever seen, and it always gets me choked up at the end.
  2. Love Actually. I love love stories, and this is the ultimate love story movie. This movie successfully weaves together several love stories into one spectacular finish.
  3. Jaws. The more I watch this movie the more I love it, and I've watched it a lot. The characters really hook me on this movie, and then, of course, the adventure once they're all out on the sea.
  4. Singing in the Rain. In my opinion, this is the greatest of all musicals. It has so many incredible songs and dance numbers, and it's super funny.
  5. The Quiet Man. I grew up in a family that loves The Duke, and while I think True Grit is great too, I love this story of a man with a mysterious past who moves back to Ireland. The scenes are beautiful, and the chemistry between John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara rocks.
  6. So I Married an Axe Murderer. This movie is quite simply silly and cracks me up every time I watch it. It's my favorite Mike Myers film.
  7. Casablanca. This movie has the best one-liners ever. I put off watching it for a long time, but fell in love with it when I finally did.
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'm a big Indiana Jones fan, and this is my favorite of the trilogy (I don't recognize that Crystal Skull nonsense).
  9. The Big Lebowski. I thought this movie was great fun the first time I watched it, but it's moved further up my favorite movies list each new time I watch it. My favorite Coen brothers movie.
  10. Halloween. Tammy introduced this movie to me. I've never been a huge fan of horror movies, but this one changed my mind. Besides the fact that Michael Myers is one spooky bad guy, I enjoy the camera work and setting of this movie.
So, what do you think? Which movies am I missing? Tell me below.


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Here are the next 10 movies that didn't make my list:


Unknown said...

What about Dr Strangelove? Godfather part 2? Pulp Fiction? Yes, no, maybe so?

Anonymous said...

Sound of Music!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Sound of Music is great, Deep.

And Joshua, I love all three of those movies. They just didn't make my list. Of those three, I'd have to say Dr. Strangelove is my favorite.

Plus, I realized after I made this list that I had forgotten a Top 10 movie: American Werewolf in London! Oh well.

J. R. McLemore said...

Making a "favorites" list, especially for movies or books, is always so difficult. I, too, was surprised not to see Pulp Fiction. But, hey, it's your list and we're all different. :)

Some not on your list that I love would be: Silence of the Lambs; The Green Mile; and, Snatch. I don't want to try thinking of more or I won't be able to return to work because my mind will be obsessing over good movies.

Great post, Robert.

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I would vote for The Graduate and (very recently released) Midnight in Paris as a very unique, and relevant to writers, movie!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Those are all good recommendations, J.R.

And The Graduate is a pesonal fave, Julia. However, I haven't seen Midnight in Paris yet.

Satia said...

The Lord of the Rings movies. No matter how many times I watch it, I love it all over again.

Harold and Maude

Cyrano de Bergerac (w/ Gerard Deparedieu)

The Seven Samurai

The Wizard of Oz

Dr Zhivago

Not that any of the previous mentions wouldn't find a home on an extended list. This is one of the reasons I rarely attempt a top ten. The minute I do, I try to cheat. (After all, I suppose some people think The Lord of the Rings is three movies. Crazy as that sounds!)

Robert Lee Brewer said...

I consider the whole trilogy one movie. I even watched the whole thing in the theater once. Fun times.

NAP said...

I would include Rear Window, Big Sleep and Desk Set- that's Hepburn and Tracy at their best! Have a great vaca! -NAP

Maggid said...

"My Man Godfrey"
the scene "isn't Godfrey Clever" cracks me up every time. thanks for asking.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

My Man Godfrey is a good one!

Rear Window is a good one too, though I admit I still need to watch Big Sleep and Desk Set.

Anonymous said...

'Frequency' with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. Great story line of sci-fi mixed with murder/thriller. Not for the youngsters, but a must-see.