Thursday, August 4, 2011

2012 Writer's Market and Writer's Market Deluxe Edition

Today, the advance copies of the 2012 Writer's Market and Writer's Market Deluxe Edition made their way into the Cincinnati office. I've been told that they look stunning, but I won't actually hold a copy until I get back from a road trip to see my grandmother in Tennessee this weekend. By then, many bookstores may already have copies on their bookshelves (though I know it may take longer for many locations).

The best edition of Writer's Market yet!

While I haven't held a copy, I am eager to see what I consider the best editions of the book yet. In addition to thousands of publishing opportunities, the book includes more than 200 pages of articles dealing with the business of writing, including whole sections devoted to Finding Work, Managing Work, and Promoting Work.

The Finding Work section includes articles on writing pitches and queries, finding work on the Internet, writing for online content providers and more. In Managing Work, there's the popular pay rate chart and articles on contract negotiation, money management, recordkeeping and pricing, protecting your data and more. Finally, the Promoting Work section includes interviews with successful writers such as Sandra Beasley, Nick Flynn, Jane Friedman, Chuck Sambuchino and Jessica McCann, while also including articles on blogging, book trailers, social media and, yes, more.

The publishing opportunities and articles are pretty exciting, but there's more: Both books come with access to an exclusive webinar (presented by yours truly) on platform development. Plus, Writer's Market Deluxe Edition comes with a one-year activation code for

What's better than the best Writer's Market? The Deluxe Edition!

Anyway, I'm truly excited for the first time in a few years about the release of Writer's Market. I've been working on them since 2000, so I feel like a proud parent. I hope you'll check them out at a nearby bookstore soon as well.


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The 2012 Market Books are on their way to bookstores around the country throughout this month. If you're interested in getting your writing published, check one out.


Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

Always exciting!

Hope Clark said...

Congrats, Robert. The covers are gorgeous. I know you're proud.

Hope Clark

Anonymous said...

I'm always excited to check out the latest edition of Writer's Market! Congratulations, Robert. I'm especially excited and proud to be a featured author in 2012. Can't wait to see it and all the other articles you've added this year!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Yes, I'm anxiously waiting for my copies too. Hopefully, they'll make it in today.

Alden Loveshade said...

Congrats to Jessica and Robert!

I'm going to order mine now, although I'll get it with the online subscription as I like having immediate updates. While most of the things I've published this year have been through sources I already knew (such as Yahoo! News), I am getting a story published in November in a magazine I would know nothing about if it weren't for Writer's Market.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

That's great, Alden! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Robert. Each year I look forward to getting the latest edition of Writer's Market. I enjoy reading the articles from writers in the field, because the advice given is always helpful.