Monday, February 20, 2012

Advice for Writers: 021

Before getting into this week's advice for writers, I just wanted to point you in the direction of an interview featuring me on conducted by Brian Klems (click here to view). You can check that out first or just jump straight into the advice below.

7 Steps to Launching Your Next Big Project, by Michael Hyatt. The steps laid out by Hyatt seem pretty true to what I go through whenever launching big projects. For instance, I always stress laying out a goal from the very beginning, because it helps you focus.

2 Ways to Make the Most of Goodreads, by Jane Friedman. If I didn't have a pocketful of excuses, I'd spend more time on Goodreads, because I've heard more than a few success stories from writers who do. Luckily, Friedman does not have pockets (or excuses) and shares a few ways to make the site work for writer goals.

You Can Do This, by Rachelle Gardner. A nice pep talk from literary agent Gardner as the publishing landscape continues to shift in dramatic ways. You can do this.

Stewarding Your Career and Your Agent, by Greg Johnson. Jumping from one literary agent to another, Johnson shares some tips on how to get attention from agents and work well with them.

How I Became a More Productive Writer by Doing This One, Simple Thing, by Carol Tice. While this isn't how I usually work, I have employed this strategy with great success in the past. After reading this post, I may use try it more consistently in the future.


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Unknown said...

Thank you for all the writerly advice! And for posting the link to the WD interview ... Your blog is a constant and consistent source of inspiration! Kudos, and merci, and all those good things!