Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just For Fun: Write a Mad Libs Poem!

I'm always writing down bits and pieces of lines--sometimes not even finishing lines. Such was the case yesterday, and I got the crazy idea to throw together quite a few fragments with blanks that I would come back to later (without seeing the fragments). Basically, I was going back to my elementary school Mad Libs days.

If you want to play, don't scroll to the bottom of the post yet.

Instead, make a list with the following:
  • Plural Noun
  • Singular Noun
  • Present Tense Verb
  • Singular Noun
  • Singular Noun
  • Present Tense Verb
  • Present Tense Verb
  • Plural Noun
  • Plural Noun
  • Present Tense Verb
  • Singular Noun
  • Complete this statement: "I hope ________________________."
That's it.

Go on, make a list without peeking.


Girls Just Wanna Have Mad Libs: Ultimate Box Set

I know, I know. The greatest Mad Libs box set ever! But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because there are Mad Libs books for Star Wars, zombies, Christmas, and more!


Here's the template I created yesterday. Insert your words in the order above. Feel free to title your piece whatever you wish and share in the comments below.

"Poem Title"

I've saturated the ______________
with tales of my _____________.
There's nothing left for me to ______________.
Every __________, every ____________--
they all ____________ to me!

______________ their inner ___________, their
naked ____________. When you __________
your ____________, I hope


This is how my poem came out:

MADMAN, by Robert Lee Brewer

I've saturated the hooligans
with tales of my television.
There's nothing left for me to swaddle.
Every cape, every pinball machine--
they all flock to me!

Balance their inner treasures, their
naked spectacles. When you fumigate
your elephant, I hope
the accountants kept excellent records.


But wait! Here's how my 9-year-old stepson did:

Madman Jr., by Reese Trendle

I've saturated the zebu
with tales of my kidney.
There's nothing left for me to stab.
Every abolitionist, every light bulb--
they all eat to me!

Jump their inner rats, their
naked knives. When you hit
your gum, I hope
their heads are falling off.


Fun stuff!

Anyway, it's not bad for the middle of the week. If you get stuck with your own poetry, maybe try cutting out words in an already written piece and inserting new nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

If nothing else, it provides a new way to look at the same poem.


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Anonymous said...


I've saturated the shoes
with tales of my key.
There's nothing left for me to think.
Every job, every park--
they all pretend to me!

Imagine their inner dustballs, their
naked oranges. When you type
your road, I hope
I'll see it someday.

I love MadLibs. Still good for a road trip or a waning family dinner.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks for sharing, Cortney!

Yours came out very good.

When I was in a hospital bed a few years back, my wife put together a little care package for me that included a Mad Libs book (Night of the Living Mad Libs, I think).

Julie D-G said...


I've saturated the oceans
with tales of my book.
There's nothing left for me to jump.
Every breakfast, every glass--
they all read to me!

Swim their inner moons, their
naked pens. When you write
your bed, I hope
to live on a boat.

I think I can run with this idea. Not the poem above but the Mad Libs concept.

By the way, love that your step-son used the noun "abolitionist." Now we all know what he is currently learning about in school.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

It is a fun idea, Julie. I'm not sure why I haven't tried it before (treating my poems like Mad Libs).

I thought abolitionist was a cool choice by Reese too.

Unknown said...

Whiskey blues

I’ve saturated the beans
with tales of my rod.
There’s nothing left for me to shift.
Every rope, every window --
they all tug to me!

Swim their inner dice, their
naked boxes. When you devour
tear, I hope
one day the mad dream awakens.

I adore MadLibs; I remember one of my best friends in elementary school bringing a book of them, and four of us filling it in a day. Zombie MadLibs, you say? I am there. This was a fun activity, and great for practicing playing in our word gardens. Thanks, Robert!

Unknown said...

Whoops ... should be "When you devour / your tear ..." Accursed typos!

Sabra Bowers said...

Inner Waves

I've saturated the Robins
with tales of my basket.
There's nothing left for me to sew.
Every shell, every book -
they all look to me!

Rock their inner waves, their
naked photos. When you jump
your horse, I hope
to feel joy.

Fun little word puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I enjoyed it. I always loved doing madlibs when I was younger. I posted this one on my blog too (with a nod in your direction)

"Santa’s Retirement"

I've saturated the trees
with tales of my present.
There's nothing left for me to open.
Every toy, every child--
they all scream to me!

Build their inner blocks, their
naked gadgets. When you sit
your cat, I hope
they clean up.

Mariya Koleva said...

Oh, that's great fun. Sabra's poem reads quite smooth, in fact. Or, the "devour your tear" in Khara's :-)

Here is mine:
I've saturated the parents
with tales of my cake.
There's nothing left for me to work.
Every dictionary, every window -
they walk back to me!

Drive their inner slippers, their
naked scissors. When you play
your yard, I hope
our Christmas will be great!

Oh, that was fun!

dolorah said...

LOL; I'm bad at this game, but I love reading what others have built.

And I'm enjoying browsing your blog Robert. Nice meeting you.


Omoteez said...

Dis is rili fun...
Here iz mine

I've saturated the pencils
With tales of my book
Drz nothing left for me to make
Every kano,Every bed
They all do to me
Wash their inner carpets,their naked cars.
When you want your biro,
I hope to be beyond comfortable