Friday, April 5, 2013

Helping Other Writers Is Key (Amy Freeman guest post)

I joined the Platform Challenge late, but once I committed, I learned mucho. I began with the basic instruction. I created a Blog, made Facebook pages, and joined Twitter (which up until then I swore I would never do…didn’t see its value until Robert’s challenge). I also joined Google +, Tumblr and eventually LinkedIn.

I sent out messages and invites to friend and acquaintances. My stats grew--mostly friends and family. But I wasn’t getting the connection I wanted. After mulling it over a bit I asked myself “What would make me want to join or follow a website? What would grab my attention?”

The answer was--something that might give me exposure as well.

Back Scratching
I posted a thread to LinkedIn--a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” invite. I immediately received responses, people wanting to swap blogs, pages and websites from all over the globe--from Australia to Russia, from the U.S. to the Middle East.

I then took it one step further creating “Write Addicts,” a page specifically designed to promote any writer’s work. Each person who connected with me received an offer to have their work promoted on this new writer’s page. Not a single person rejected this offer. Why would they? 

The upside for me? A global collection of writers knowing who I am. I am not just a nameless clicked “follow” button on Twitter, or a random checked “Like” on Facebook. These people know my name. Many have reciprocated, extending me guest blog opportunities and interview spots. I have made new friends in the writing world.

Great Karma
The best part is gaining exposure while helping other writers like myself. The literary world is tough. Reaching out and supporting one another in this flooded and competitive field is so crucial. If you can lift your own stats and help someone else at the same time--well that’s just great Karma, right?

These actions took only moments on my part and each participant was so grateful. I have learned that successful social networking is two-sided. I received back what I was willing to give, and so far it is a gift that keeps on giving!


Amy Freeman lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and 10-year-old son. She has four other children and one grandchild--all of which live too far away! She's active in several writing and critique groups, has won some local awards, and recently published an article in a global religious magazine. Amy's first novel comes out this spring. Learn more at her blog or send her an e-mail.


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Unknown said...

This is so crucial to remember for anyone trying to build a platform for their work - because so often we expect support from the internet without doing anything ourselves to get it!
Community is everything for a writer - even if that means relating to a couple of other people over the web on a single idea.

Muddy said...

What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!