Sunday, August 16, 2009

What you can get for $3.13 (or why Sundays rock)

Had a great day today. Did that fantasy football draft thing-a-ma-bob (more on that below, and I promise that's not the only thing I'm going to talk about on this blog), went out to a park afterward with Tammy and the boys, and then hit the Book Nook, which is the local used bookstore of choice. Actually, Tammy calls it Book Nook 2 (and yes, I've been to THE Book Nook in the ATL, too, but BN2 is much closer).

Found some cool books at the Book Nook, but since all our shelves are full of books (as well as many boxes in our closets) I wasn't able to justify buying any. Plus, I was trying to only use the cash I had on me (instead of using plastic), and I only had six bucks left after buying drinks for everyone after we finished at the park (because GA + summer + outdoors = thirsty). So what could I possibly find for less than $6 at Book Nook?

For $3.13, I was able to purchase FIVE CDs (I don't have an iPod or iPhone or iWhatever yet, so I still use compact discs--and really, I love listening to albums as much as I love listening to individual songs):
  1. Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion
  2. Juliana Hatfield Only Everything
  3. Urge Overkill Saturation
  4. Luscious Jackson Electric Honey
  5. JJ72 JJ72

Before I purchased these discs I checked for scratches and scuffs and such, because they had to be damaged, right? I mean, these are some awesome bands. And then, it hits me: These were awesome bands--like 10 to 15 years ago. That's right, I had a moment today when I realized I'm getting older. Sigh.

But anyway, the JJ72 album is one I've always wanted to check out, and let me tell you, "This IS the best $0.49 CD I've ever purchased!" It's actually well worth $15, so I totally got a steal. Whether I'm getting older or not.


This morning, Will was standing up while leaning against a chair on his own. He can't lift himself up to that position, and he falls if he gets too excited and tries moving himself. But he's getting there. Also, he's been making sounds like "da-da" and "ma-ma" a lot recently.

We're getting into that dangerous territory where he'll soon go from being a baby to five-years-old-before-I-know-it. Happened with Benjamin and Jonah; it'll most likely happen again with Will. In fact, Ben and Jonah will somehow get into the double digits simultaneously. (Speaking of getting older. Ack!)


But I know everyone really wants to know how my fantasy football draft went down today, right? (If not, feel free to leave for this post, because I'm about to get all FFB geeky on this blog.)

I was very, very happy with my draft today. I explained in the previous post how I wasn't sure who I was going to draft. Well, this is who I drafted:

1st rd (#2 overall pick): RB-LeSean McCoy, Phi
1st rd (#8): RB-Shonn Greene, NYJ
1st rd (#9): RB-Jamal Lewis, Cle
2nd rd (#18): DB-Eric Weddle, SD
3rd rd (#28): WR-Steve Breaston, Ari
3rd rd (#29): RB-Glenn Coffee, SF
4th rd (#38): TE-Josh Carlson, Sea
5th rd (#48): DB-Eric Coleman, Atl
6th rd (#58): RB-Bernard Scott, Cin
7th rd (#68): WR-DeSean Jackson, Phi
8th rd (#78): LB-Stephen Cooper, SD
9th rd (#83): DL-Leonard Little, StL
10th rd (#88): DB-Ronde Barber, TB
11th rd (#93): RB-Danny Ware, NYG

My needs going into the draft were to select a DL, 2 DBs, and a LB (K optional, because I can always pick one up before the regular season starts). I filled all my needs wonderfully. Weddle was my top-rated DB, and I was able to grab Coleman and Barber (both who I like a lot) later in the draft. Since Julius Peppers and Trent Cole didn't make it to me in the 3rd round, I was able to wait until our later supplemental rounds to draft my 3rd-rated DL, Leonard Little (IF he stays healthy, he could easily be a Top 5 DL in our league). I picked up Cooper last year off waivers, and he was one of the best LBs in the league after serving a 4-game suspension at the beginning of the season. Those missed games made him disappear on most draft boards, which meant I was able to grab a great starter/back-up LB at the end of the draft.

Somehow, I was able to grab 5 of my Top 8 rated RBs in McCoy, Greene, Lewis, Coffee, and Scott. Jamal Lewis fills a short-term need in having a starting RB, but the other four are rookies with tremendous upside, especially McCoy and Greene.

I'm happy that I could take two young WRs (in successful pass-happy offensive systems) who had great seasons last year. Breaston was a good value, but taking Jackson with the 68th pick was a downright steal. I almost took him 4 rounds earlier, but I really, really (like really even) wanted the top young TE in the league, Josh Carlson. He'll make a great backup to Chris Cooley.

My last pick was Danny Ware. I had a few other players I considered taking with this pick, but ultimately decided on Ware because:

  1. I can't make any more moves until my pick-ups before the first game of the season, which means that I can't react to injuries that will occur between now and the regular season.
  2. Ware is very talented and third on the depth chart behind Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.
  3. Brandon Jacobs is injury prone.
  4. Ahmad Bradshaw has had his share of injuries, too.

I'm not rooting for either to get injured, of course, but Ware had more potential value than any other player I was considering. That's called upside. If both Jacobs and Bradshaw stay healthy through preseason, I'll probably just cut Ware off my team since I do still need to pick up a kicker before the season begins.

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