Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big Move That Is Not Happening

So, earlier this week I was thinking I'd make a post pretty soon about my family unit's plans to move up to Ohio from Georgia. We'd picked out a place to live and had a laundry list of things to get squared away between now and August 2. However, that post is not going to happen anymore, because...

I received a call from Ben and Jonah's mom this morning that went something like this:

B&J's Mom: When is your lease up in Ohio?

Me (not sure why she would ask such a question): Probably a year. Why?

B&J's Mom: We're planning on moving to Savannah, Georgia. Not in the next month or so, but sometime. I could wait for your lease to be up.

Me: How serious are you about moving?

B&J's Mom: Pretty serious. I've already applied for some jobs.

Me: We haven't signed anything yet. So if your're serious, we're not moving up to Ohio.

The conversation was probably a little more twisty-turny than this, but it basically sums up what we discussed. The whole purpose of moving up to Ohio was to be closer to the boys; so if they're ultimately moving to Georgia, then we're not moving to Ohio--only to move back down to Georgia. No way.

So, the big move to Ohio that was postponed last year because of several unexpected medical issues is this year possibly completely canceled because of relocation issues. Since Tammy and I had psyched ourselves up for Ohio, we're both a little bummed. But we both love Georgia and the Atlanta area. The main thing is just having the family unit together.

Plus, we're glad the Savannah relocation plan made it to us before we'd signed a year lease and put down a deposit for the house we'd found in Kettering, Ohio. That would've made things a lot less pleasant.


But let's talk about pleasant things. Earlier this week, one of my poems was accepted for publication in a future issue of MiPOesias. I'm totally excited about that.

Also, one of my poems was recently posted in the Open Mic section of the Poets for Living Waters project. Click here to read the poem "swallowing air," which is between poems by Sean Burn and Edward Byrne.


Speaking of my poems for 2010, I've got a lot to post here. I've been writing and will get this blog up to date as soon as I finish two big projects that I hope to have finished by my birthday on July 18th (when I'll be turning 32!).


Outside of that, I guess not much has been happening that I can remember. I love this song "Paper Romance" song by Groove Armada off their Black Light album. Click here to check it out.


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Jeannine said...

Aw, I'm sorry about that. But I've lived in Cininnati. It's not that great. Unless you really like German food and tornadoes.

Anonymous said...

since you got all psyched to move, maybe you should do it, anyway. sorta. Re-arrange the furniture or hang new art. Or hit some open houses--places you would never buy, even if you had the money. It'll make you glad you're not facing a move.

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

In elaboration on Briarcat's post: Go to places in your town you have never went to. There are always local gems that no one thinks to frequent. It could give you a whole new spin on where you are right now. It takes so much time and energy to move you could just shake things up where you live a bit without having the headaches. Good luck in whatever happens.

Congratulations on the poem! I'm going to take a listen as soon as I get my poem posted on my blog.

... Paige said...

about the move-God is so awesome in His time schedule!

nice work getting the poems out there

and if I'm outta touch (more then ususal) this Sunday...

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Not Bob
happy birthday to you

Robert, I hope ya have a great day and weekend with the family

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Yeah, Tammy and I are pretty firm believers in the whole "things happen for a reason" mantra. So, we're just "following the road" as my father would say.

About getting out of the "moving" frame of mind, we were planning on having a yard sale--so we'll probably still do that. And we'll probably re-organize a little as well.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and encouragement!

Jessie Carty said...

Good news all around! Hoping I can make it to the Decatur book festival this year :)