Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: List of Prompts!

Usually, I don't list out all the prompts for the month, but since the Poetic Asides blog is down and some poets are trying to play catch up, here it goes:

Day 1: Closing the Door poem
Day 2: Ready to Start (or Not Ready to Start) poem
Day 3: Location poem
Day 4: Containment poem
Day 5: Metamorphasis poem
Day 6: "Looking for (blank)" use new phrase as title poem
Day 7: Pro-something poem
Day 8: Making an Agreement poem
Day 9: Slow Down (or Never Slow Down) poem
Day 10: Love poem
Day 11: "Nobody wants (blank)" use new phrase as title poem
Day 12: Forget What They Say poem
Day 13: Make title of poem a question and answer with your poem
Day 14: Crossroads poem
Day 15: Just When You Thought It Was Safe poem
Day 16: Stacking (or Unstacking) poem
Day 17: "Tell me why (blank)" use new phrase as title poem
Day 18: Lost & Found poem
Day 19: Poem with a hole in it
Day 20: What's Wrong or Right poem
Day 21: Permission poem
Day 22: Poem that takes a stand
Day 23: Form (or Anti-Form) poem
Day 24: Spaces poem
Day 25: Animal poem
Day 26: On the Run poem
Day 27: "Blame the (blank)" use new phrase as title poem
Day 28: What Really Happened poem
Day 29: Next Steps poem
Day 30: Lessons Learned (or Never Learn) poem


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For those who are tired of writing poems and want to read some for a change, here are some of my favorite poetry collections:
Of course, this is only a few of the collections I love. I'd love it if you included your favorites in the comments below.

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