Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Golden Rule to Everything

On our way home from our pack meeting last night, my 7-year-old stepson Reese and I stopped to pick up our mail. As I went through all of it in the car, Reese asked, "Is there anything for me?" There was not.

From the back seat, Reese said, "Nobody ever writes me letters."

I called back to him, "Well, do you ever write anyone else letters?"

"No," he said. "Because nobody writes me any letters."

I could see the cyclical logic machine firing up, so I said, "Let me tell you about the most important rule of living there is. If you live your life by this rule, you'll be much happier. It's called the golden rule, which is: 'Treat other people as you would like to be treated.' Don't wait for other people to write you letters. Write letters for other people, and they'll return the favor."

By the time we left for school this morning, Reese had already finished writing four letters. And knowing Reese, he'll probably compile a list of other people to write today. Instead of focusing on what he doesn't have, Reese now has a plan for making himself and other people happy.


It's easy to forget (or dismiss) this rule as we age. Sometimes the things we want seem so complicated that we think the golden rule is no longer applicable--or that we need more complicated ways of handling our problems. However, I've found again and again throughout my life that simplifying things always makes me happier, and that using the golden rule makes me happier too. Plus, it tends to make others around me feel better.

Do you want those around you to be nicer to you? Then be nice to them. Say "please" and "thank you." Throw in a "you rock" from time to time. Don't wait for someone else to make the first move, because that could get both of you locked into a pattern of focusing on how the other person is not being nice or polite.

And what do you do if your use of the golden rule doesn't change some people around you? Keep applying the golden rule. After all, the golden rule is not to "treat others as you'd like to be treated--unless they don't treat you the same in return." No, keep practicing the golden rule. Everyone has different levels of defense layers (and yes, some people will just never change), so some people will respond immediately to your good attitude. Others will take time. But it's not just about the people around you. Applying the golden rule makes you feel better.

Just look at Reese who went from disappointed to filled with purpose. That's how we can all be.


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Erin Reel said...

A well-needed reminder, Robert. Thanks for posting.

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Wonderful post today, Robert! Brought a smile to my face, and I'm passing it on. :)

J. R. McLemore said...

Very good post. Come to think of it, I should write some letters to a few people I've lost touch with. Thanks, Robert.

Tressa said...

Reese rocks!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Reese does rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm always reminding my kids (and myself) of The Golden Rule. Great story, Robert~

... Paige said...

It's good that they have you in their lives

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

When you were talking about letters, I was thinking about newbie bloggers who just want a million followers without making connections. They're quite similar.

Cute post.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Jennifer, the golden rule can definitely be applied to many things in our lives, including blogging.

And I want to thank everyone for their excellent comments. Y'all rock!

Brandi said...

Been loving your blog! I love how simple this post is and yet how it applies to so many aspects of our lives, including the writing one. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks for the love, Brandi! I usually aim for simplicity, so I'm glad I'm hitting my mark. :)

Linda C. said...

Good rule to live by!

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Robert,
It is really good to be here at this motivational pages.
You are a good motivator and i visited few of your blogs and found it very encouraging and worth reading.
Your 11 tips...g+ and this one made me to post this comment. Yes, I like the quote: "It's called the golden rule, which is: 'Treat other people as you would like to be treated." that is really a great and golden rule indeed. share it you get it. Yes i always tell other even many a time thru my blogs and my writings, share your blessings, your blessings will follow suit.
Happy to be here Rob
Keep posting
i am following
have a look at my page too if time permits
best regrds