Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List!

One of my favorite Christmas movie moments is from A Charlie Brown Christmas when Charlie Brown is forced into writing his sister Sally's Christmas list. She gets rather specific and lets Santa know that he can just avoid the specificity and send her money, preferably "tens and twenties." After all, she just wants her "fair share."
In the real world of Christmas, there is truly no such thing as a fair share, and I will be the first one to admit that I already have more than my fair share--even if I don't receive a single Christmas gift. I have a great wife and family, and we've never had to go without a meal. So I'm going to share my 2010 Christmas Wish List (as if I were still a kid), but I won't be disappointed if all of these items have to carry over to the 2011 Christmas Wish List.

Here is my 2010 Christmas Wish List:
  1. eReader. My preference would be an iPad, but I'd be happy with a color Nook or Kindle. While I love the printed book experience, I'm totally into the improved technology of these eReading devices.
  2. Running shoes. If I don't get a pair for Christmas, these will need to be got in early 2011, since one of my resolutions is to get running on a regular and consistent basis. My favorite brands are New Balance and Saucony.
  3. Couch. Tammy and I have been dreaming of a couch for Christmas ever since we started living together. We've made due without one for years, but maybe Santa can stuff one in a stocking this year.
  4. Laptop. I have a laptop stuffed away in storage somewhere, because it crashed. It would be nice to have one again like this one or this one.
  5. Digital camera. We have a digital camera, but technology is always improving, and I'd really like an SLR model (for instance, this one looks nice).
  6. Video camera. Another one of those long-time wish list items shared by Tammy and myself, a nice video camera (like this one) is something we'd love to capture at least some of the moments produced by our soon-to-be basketball team worth of children.
  7. Personal gym. Right now, our personal gym consists of some dumbells, but I'd love to eventually have a treadmill, bench press, eliptical machine, floor mats, etc. Everything except a wall of mirrors.
  8. Entertainment. I can never have too many books (like The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, by Stieg Larsson) or movies (like Toy Story 3 or Inception) or music (like Hot Tropics, by the Growlers or Of Montreal's False Priest).
  9. Minivan. I'm really high on the Kia Sedona; in fact, I'm really high on Kia as a car company. They're affordable, reliable, safe and have smart designs (I love my Kia Spectra). Anyway, Tammy (who loves her Subaru Outback) and I realize that we need a minivan to transport our team of children.
  10. Gift cards. When all else fails, there's always money. You can send "tens and twenties" on iTunes gift cards, Target gift cards, etc.
Special Note on Giving: But seriously, I don't need any of this stuff on my list. The people who really need things don't typically have personal blogs. I often need to remind myself of this fact when I get annoyed that it feels like everyone is asking for my money.

The Salvation Army people are staked out in front the entrance/exits of my local Kroger ringing their bells and wanting money. At school and through the scouts, my boys are asking for money for the needy and toys (which cost money) for the Toys for Tots program. Each time I spend money at the store (any store, whether Kroger, Target, Walmart, Long John Silver, gas station, etc.), I'm asked to donate $1 to $5 in addition to my already budgeted purchase. And I donate away, though sometimes in the wrong spirit (as if I'm donating against my will).

But it's good to give this time of year if you're able. And while I'm not the richest person, I'm able. If you're able, please give when you can however you can. A dollar here or there really does add up over time.


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Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

I don't think I've ever really felt forced to give but I have always wanted to give more than I end up giving. My husband and I aren't in a position to give much and I always feel bad when I turn someone with a good cause away.

Have you guys ever had a couch? When we moved into our apartment, my mother found my husband and me a good couch at a rummage sale for $25 and it has served us well.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Jennifer, we have not had a couch. But I have faith Tammy and I will get there eventually. I still have couch in the "Want" category, and other things in the "Need" category. :)