Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Tweeters for Writers to Follow on Twitter

(NOTE: This list is nice, but click here to check out the 2011 list of Best Tweeps for Writers to Follow on Twitter.)

A week ago, I shared my updated Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers on here. It's a good post for those new to Twitter or who need a refresher course, but then, someone asked the next logical question: Who are the best people for writers to follow on Twitter? So below is my attempt to answer that question.

First, here's my personal Top 5 Tweeters for Writers list:
  1. @JaneFriedman, who runs the There Are No Rules blog (highly recommended)
  2. @InkyElbows, which is the handle for Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who updates's Market Watch column, in addition to plenty of other writerly activities
  3. @NathanBransford, who is an author, previous literary agent, and super (duper) tweeter supreme
  4. @RachelleGardner, who is a current literary agent, mother of two, and self-professed Starbucks freak
  5. @TheWriterMama, which is the handle for the great Christina Katz, who is both writer and mama
But, of course, I couldn't stop at my Top 5, so here are more than 30 other tweeps to follow (in no particular order):
  1. @32poems
  2. @collinkelley
  3. @writersdigest
  4. @brianklems
  5. @chucksambuchino
  6. @jessicastrawser
  7. @alicepope
  8. @glecharles
  9. @gregpincus
  10. @sagecohen
  11. @thebookmaven
  12. @RebeccAgent
  13. @Ginger_Clark
  14. @jeannevb
  15. @janicebashman
  16. @PublishersWkly
  17. @PoetryFound
  18. @PublishersLunch
  19. @Mediabistro
  20. @nationalbook
  21. @DigiBookWorld
  22. @BoSacks
  23. @mariaschneider
  24. @katerados
  25. @Janet_Reid
  26. @DeidreKnight
  27. @sarahw
  28. @MichaelBourret
  29. @BostonBookGirl
  30. @DanielNester
  31. @merylkevans
  32. @KMWeiland
  33. @jessiepoet
  34. @tawnafenske (via Amanda Hoving below)
If you're following the above tweeters (plus me, of course, @RobertLeeBrewer), then you should be pretty happy. But I surely missed many other great people in this small list. So, I'll be adding to this post with any recommendations left in the comments below, via Twitter, or especially by anyone listed above.

For instance, here is @JaneFriedman's Top 5 list:
  1. @elizabethscraig
  2. @Quotes4Writers
  3. @writeitsideways
  4. @AdvicetoWriters
  5. @inkyelbows (yep, that's two votes for her)

I'd like to thank @JMcCannWriter for sharing her Top 5 list (her reasons below):
  1. @hopeclark
  2. @JodyHedlund
  3. @Crytzerfry
  4. @GrammarMonkeys
  5. @HarrisInt
Here are 5 from @glecharles:
  1. @ChuckWendig (who got a nod of approval from Amanda Hoving too)
  2. @SimonPulman
  3. @emilywoo
  4. @DanBlank
  5. @arstechnica


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Anonymous said...

Great list, Robert. Here's my Top 5 tweeps for writers to follow:

@hopeclark - purveyor of Funds for Writers, a great resource for grants, contests, etc.

@JodyHedlund - a debut novelist who shares powerful insights on the ups and downs on the road to publication

@Crytzerfry - aspiring novelist who tweets on her love of writing and nature, uniquely intertwined

@GrammarMonkeys - fun tweets about common grammar mistakes

@HarrisInt - Harris Interactive polls, good for freelancers in search of story ideas, trends, etc.

Jessica McCann
Author of the novel All Different Kinds of Free

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks for sharing your list, Jessica!

Of course, you're a great person to follow as well.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Flattered, Robert! You have my some of my Top 5 covered here, but here's 5 more that I'd add:


Anonymous said...

Have to second Guy on @ChuckWendig (hilarious and informative tweets and posts). Also, Romance author @tawnafenske is always entertaining.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks, Guy and Amanda, for helping improve the list. :)

Jennifer Taylor said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Really a very good list...thanks!!!

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Carol Tice said...

Is there really not a Twitter sharing button for this post?? Or can I just not see it?

Claire said...

Thank you for the lists, Robert. Have you an opinion on Six Pixels of Separation? It's my read for the week. by Mitch Joel

From Claire Sullivan - a very new reader here.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thank you, Jennifer, Pali, Andee, and Claire!

Carol, I'm just not that sophisticated yet. I usually preach starting small and building up, and I'll admit that I've unsuccessfully tried adding a Twitter button a few times. So I'd add that writers should include share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, but I don't know how to do it myself yet.

Back to Claire, I don't have an opinion on Six Pixels of Separation. However, I'd love to hear your opinion on it once you've finished reading. I think the world is getting closer and closer to Two-to-Three Pixels of Separation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't believe I'm not on there! @EverettMaroon Okay sure, I can totally believe it. But other great Tweeps for writing are:

Carol Tice said...

Robert, Robert, Robert...may I give you some free help installing Tweetmeme for Christmas? Or maybe addtoany -- that bar goes with anything. I want to help you! Even if you are blogging in Blogger.

Meanwhile, I'll add that I think people should follow the Top 10 Blogs for Writers authors, announced earlier this week. Proud to say my Make a Living Writing blog is on the list!

@ollinmorales of Courage to Create
@ThereseWalsh and @KathleenBolton of Writer Unboxed
@KMWeiland of Wordplay
@LFormichelli of The Renegade Writer

Congrats to all my fellow Top 10 winners!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a fun follow... #selfpromotion

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Wow! It's been a while since I've visited this post, and now I see that you've offered up some free services to me, Carol! I'll have to hunt you down, because I can use all the help anyone's willing to give me.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming way late to the party, but i love to follow these folks:


But all of my twitter friends are awesome. it's just that these 5 go out of their way to be supportive

Thea Atkinson said...

you know what? I just can't stop at 5. I'm going to suggest 3 more if I may. These all are incredible supporters of writers on twitter.


Anonymous said...

Super cool list! I only dip my toe into the crazy river that is Twitter once a week or so, but it seems a lovely and friendly place when I do brave it. Off to add these, from comments and original post. Thanks, all!


Fred Felton said...

Wonderful list
here are some fantastic writers from South Africa. In no official order ;)

1. @laurenbeukes
2. @CraigWFSmith
3. @MandyWiener
4. @Nayes1982
5. @robin76

all my best

@fredfelton ;)

Meryl K. Evans said...

Very thorough list that includes many of the people I frequently read and RT. One person to is @porter_anderson.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Hey Meryl,

Actually Porter is on the 2011 version of the list:

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Wow as a newbie to the writing twitter world, all these suggestions give me the vapors. I'll have to choose a couple and test the waters. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive list. Now, to look over your other post about how to use twitter effectively....