Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 To-Do List

Every year, I make a list of resolutions. Some things get done; others don't. That's how it's traditionally gone. This year, I'm going to see if I can get everything done. The great thing about January 1st is that about anything is still possible.

Here's my 2011 To-Do List:
  • Publish a collection of poetry. A carry-over from my 2010 list, I'm currently in the process of making this happen. (Click here to learn how to pre-order a copy of the limited edition chapbook.)
  • Get down to and maintain a weight of 185 pounds or less. At one point in 2010, I was down to 192 (using this diet), so I know it's possible to get down to this weight. The trick is staying disciplined enough to maintain that weight. If I do, I should be able to...
  • Run a marathon. I haven't picked out a specific race yet, but some candidates include the Air Force Marathon (Dayton, OH), Chicago Marathon (run on 10/10/10), or Columbus (OH) Marathon. Training at a lower weight will help, but it'll also help if I can achieve this goal:
  • Run 200 days. I've only accomplished this a few times in my life, but having a very consistent running base becomes more important the older I get if I want to avoid injury. Slow and steady finishes the race.
  • Help Den 2 Tiger Cubs have a great year. I've been having a great time as a Den Leader for my Den 2 Tiger Cubs, and I want to make sure all the boys finish the year with their Tiger Cub patches and a bunch of belt loops--while having fun and gaining responsibility.
  • Pay off all credit cards. Tammy and I have been collectively digging ourselves out of debt for the past few years, and this is the year we could finally pay off our credit cards. Of course, with our growing family, we'll probably off-set this financial accomplishment by taking out a loan on a minivan. So it goes.
There are other goals too, but these are the biggies that I'd really like to have crossed off when I make out my 2012 list.

Do you have any big tasks on your 2011 list? Share 'em below, and we can hold each other accountable.


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Here are some of the cool gifts I received this year during the holidays:
  • Flash T-shirt. My favorite super hero on an XL T-shirt.
  • Pax Zhu Zhu Pet. Yes, I got my very own Zhu Zhu pet; a rock star Zhu Zhu pet, in fact.
  • Cookie Monster Pajama Pants. "C" is for "cookie," and that's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

My 2011 to-do list includes: run a 5K, run a 10K, spend more time with my parents, prepare for my move to Denver and business school, and many others. In general, I feel this year will be wonderful. My motto: "Optimism is contagious." :)

- Helene

Jessie Carty said...

Great list :) here I am on the first day of January without any actual resolutions written down but my thoughts are: continuing eaten better and exercising more. Finish my 2nd manuscript. But I know there are more!

Katy Bennett said...

Best of luck achieving those goals. My major one this year is to write everyday and I'm hopefully keeping on track by participating in a writing challenge.

alexia said...

Great goals! I need to get back to running... I often get lost in writing and slack off on exercising. My son is in boyscouts, too. My big goal is unoriginal; I want an agent!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Helene-Those are great goals! Yes, optimism is contagious!

Jessie-I know you've always got plenty of goals (written down or not).

Katy-Thanks! Yes, I had the write a poem every day resolution last year--and I made it past the half-way point. So good luck!

Alexia-Between writing and parenting, it's tough to exercise (because we need so much sleep too), but here's hoping for a few extra miles in running shoes. Also, good luck on getting an agent in 2011!

Sheila said...

great goals for the new year, Robert...good luck with them all. Mine include staying sane and writing my first novel. Is that possible? :)

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Let's hope so. :)

Maddy said...

I'm getting to grips with the Scrivener programme and just discovered they have a 'target' option. I find meeting with my critique group every two weeks piles the pressure on to produce something so this additional goal should keep me up to the mark - it's so hard to ignore a computer.