Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest posts are a great way to share your voice with a new audience while promoting your blog, book, and/or whatever else you have going on. If you're interested in sharing a little bit of yourself with the My Name Is Not Bob crowd, then read these guidelines to figure out how to get the ball rolling.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Send an e-mail to with the subject line: MNINB Guest Post
  • Include who you are and anything about you that might make you interesting to the readers of My Name Is Not Bob.
  • Include an idea (or three) that you're interested in covering in a guest post
Some possible guest post ideas could include:
  • Top 5 or 10 or 20 list of something related to writing, parenting, self-promotion, etc.
  • Personal experience story that fits with other posts on My Name Is Not Bob. Just remember: Your experience should have some form of takeaway value for readers.
  • Tips or advice on how to accomplish something.
But these are just a few ideas. I'm open to creativity. Just shoot me an e-mail with your idea(s). And if you have a blog or website, include that.

If I like your idea, I'll probably want the following from you:
  • Guest post of 500-1,000 words
  • Digital image of you (and any other images you feel are appropriate to the post)
  • Preferred bio of 50 words-ish (including any links to your blog, website, Twitter profile, etc.)
I'd like this to be a pretty easy and laid back process. So have fun with it and don't be afraid to bounce around some ideas with me. Good luck!

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Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

I have thought about opening my blog for guest posts but I don't think many people would be interested due to my awesome (but few) followers. Good luck with this.

Oh, and when you have time, I would like you to cover reprints from an editor's perspective. I know about the benefits of reprinting articles if you're on a tighter budget and such but what about poetry magazines when they can just as easily print new stuff?

Robert Lee Brewer said...

That's a good idea, Jennifer. I do think it's easier to re-sell nonfiction than poetry and fiction, but that's a great idea for something to cover in a future post.

Susan Scott said...

it's now feb 2012 and I have just come across this ... Jennifer, that was a very limiting response you made about yr own blog! It is great that yr few followers are awesome but I am trying to figure out what yr actual comment means.
I am completely new to this as of this year. But somehow the idea of being connected has an appeal. We all have stories to tell - each and every one of us ... it is how we learn after all ...
anyway - hope yr blog continues to do great!
my new one is best wishes Susan

Lucille said...

Fear is life changing. Fear was my motivation for changing my life....fear that I would lose myself forever!

Julie L. Cannon said...

This might be just the opportunity I've been looking for, Robert!

Been thinking of beginning my own blog, but not quite convinced I ought to with all the others out there...

Please go see my latest (I was the guest on Feb. 21) at and see if you like my 'style.'

I enjoy reading your blogs!

Truly, Julie L. Cannon

Patricia said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to your family. I understand your ambivalent feelings about taking your children to see your mother. I didn't want my kids with my mother when she took her last breath. I didn't want their memories of her to be those of a withered and sick grandma. Thus, they remember her as the woman they saw still up and walking around, looking healthy.