Friday, January 13, 2012

Top Media Feeds for Writers

Earlier this year, I took over handling the Market Watch feature of Our long-time contributor Debbie Ohi made the decision to move on to newer challenges, including her work illustrating children's picture books. So far so good on the Market Watch, and I've developed some favorite media feeds to check daily already.

Here are my favorite media feeds for writing-related information:
  • AdAge. Mainly for ad and marketing news, but that news includes information about online content and magazines.
  • Folio:. Devoted to magazine publishing news.
  • MediaBistro. Shares a daily newsfeed of media-related information, from print to online and from mobile to television.
  • Poynter. Focuses on journalism-related topics, and so, it's a little heavy on the newspaper side of the publishing/media industry.
  • Publishing Executive. PE is focused on the magazine industry.
  • AdWeek. Like AdAge, this site is mainly for ad and marketing news, but that often includes media-related news.
  • I Want Media. Collects headlines from across the Internet that are media-related.
  • Masthead. Focused on the Canadian magazine industry. 
  • Publishers Weekly. Devoted to the book publishing industry.
  • Paid Content. Covers the emerging digital content industry, especially how it is monetized.
These are my favorite media feeds, though I use several others in addition to specific searches that I complete, which is why I think the Market Watch feature on is the best resource specifically for writers. However, trolling through these sites daily can be educational for those with too much time on their hands (or need to find a time killer that's more productive than playing Facebook's game of the week).

Do you have a favorite media feed that's not on this list? Please share with the Not Bob gang in the comments below.


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Janice Gable Bashman said...

Another good one is - there's a reader version and a pro version (book trade).

Janice Gable Bashman said...

I forgot - you can sign up for the free publishers lunch even if you are not a paid member.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks, Janice! I thought of PublishersMarketplace, but I just don't tend to use that as much as I did in the past. Still, it's a good resource.