Monday, October 3, 2011

Advice for Writers: 005

Time for my weekly round-up of craft and business goodness online:

Strike Back Against Setbacks, by Jael McHenry. One of the most important qualities any successful person can have is the ability to take lemons and make lemonade. McHenry provides three ways to make this happen for yourself.

How Do Bloggers Make Money? How My Blogs Pay the Bills, by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen. In this post, Pawlik-Kienlen explains how she earns money from her blogs, including more than $4,500 in one month. Step one, don't shy away from monetizing your blog.

3 Tips for Professional E-Book Covers, by Biba Pearce. As more and more authors and publishers move to electronic publishing, the e-book cover only becomes more important to the success of each release. In this post, Pearce shares three tips AND "the real secret" to fabulous e-book covers.

Writer & Illustrators: Don't forget the fun!, by Debbie Ohi. As important as our work can sometimes seem and even be, don't forget to enjoy the process of writing. After all, it is, or at least should be, fun.

Writers Must Kill Self-Doubt Before Self-Doubt Kills Them, by Chuck Wendig. It's important to remember that you're important, that you have something to say, that you're having fun, etc. Don't worry about the haters, because the haters are just hating.

The Johnny Depp Guide to Mesmerizing Marketing, by Martyn Chamberlin. In this post, Chamberlin claims that writers can improve their rates through two important skills: knowing their audience and then delivering.

Pubslush Is Like Kickstarter For Books, by Dianna Dilworth. The latest social network for writers is being compared to Kickstarter as an ideal way for writers to fund their projects.


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