Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best Tweeps for Writers to Follow 2011

Okay, it's that list-making time of year again, and I wanted to update my best tweeps for writers to follow list for 2011. (Click here to see my 2010 list.) I know that such a list is fundamentally flawed no matter who makes the list, so feel free to throw your "write-in" votes below. I did use the comments from last year's post to help guide my decisions this year.

Since many of these tweeps deal in multiple areas of expertise, I'm not going to use your typical categories. Instead, I'm going to use my own dynamic and weird categorizations.

While I'm sure there are many more tweeps who are worth your time on Twitter, these are the ones who I endorse fully. They're my "must-follows" and a great springboard into wonderful conversations, information, and more.

I know the REAL Jane Friedman, who is @JaneFriedman, of course.

Tweeps I've Met in Real Life
  1. @glecharles
  2. @JaneFriedman
  3. @BrianKlems
  4. @ChuckSambuchino
  5. @CollinKelley
  6. @SandraBeasley
  7. @TheWriterMama
  8. @HopeClark
  9. @JessicaStrawser
  10. @DonMaass
Tweeps I Feel Like I've Met (but haven't really)
  1. @LaurelSnyder
  2. @inkyelbows
  3. @AaronBelz
  4. @JeanneVB
  5. @JCBaggott
  6. @JaniceBashman
  7. @GregPincus
  8. @JMcCannWriter
  9. @TiceWrites
  10. @JessiePoet
  11. @SageCohen
  12. @KateTravers
  13. @RMFenwick
  14. @TheAmericanPoet
  15. @gyoung9751
  16. @jgpoetry
  17. @Doallas
  18. @poetphd
  19. @Porter_Anderson
  20. @ThereseWalsh

While I haven't met Jessie Carty, aka @JessiePoet, it feels like I have (and will).

Tweeps Who Are Actually Faceless Entities
  1. @WritersDigest
  2. @32Poems (though @ClickWisdom is not)
  3. @PublishersWkly
  4. @PoetryFound
  5. @NationalBook
  6. @DigiBookWorld
  7. @AdviceToWriters
  8. @PublishersLunch
  9. @MediaBistro
  10. @ArsTechnica
Tweeps Who Are Kinda Like Gurus
  1. @RonSilliman
  2. @BoSacks
  3. @KMWeiland
  4. @ChuckWendig
  5. @RachelleGardner
  6. @NathanBransford
  7. @Don_Share
  8. @MichaelBourret
  9. @DanBlank
  10. @DanielSnyder1
  11. @TheLitCoach
  12. @CopyBlogger
  13. @ProBlogger
  14. @ElizabethSCraig
  15. @Janet_Reid
  16. @EliseBlackwell
  17. @RebeccAgent
  18. @KateRados
  19. @DeidreKnight
  20. @BradfordLit
  21. @DanielNester
  22. @SarahW
  23. @DocumentDriven
  24. @LFormichelli
  25. @ErikaDreifus

I was once interviewed by Daniel Nester and, as you can see, @DanielNester brings the serious.

Tweeps Who Kinda Make Me Feel Like a Fanboy
  1. @WarrenEllis
  2. @SteveMartinToGo
  3. @NeilHimself
  4. @NathanEnglander
  5. @MargaretAtwood
  6. @MJRose
  7. @Sherman_Alexie
  8. @JamesScottBell
  9. @HarlanCoben
  10. @ThisIsSethsBlog
Tweeps Who Totally Rock
  1. @AnneMazer
  2. @ScottSigler
  3. @RebeccaSkloot
  4. @EricQWeinstein
  5. @MerylKEvans
  6. @TawnaFenske
  7. @TheCreativePenn
  8. @SaraMegibow
  9. @LisaEkus
  10. @TaraBetts
  11. @JAHesch
  12. @MenWithPens
  13. @VictoriaMixon
  14. @TheLadyWrites
  15. @JacodyPress
  16. @LarryEnright
  17. @HannahTinti
  18. @Ginger_Clark
  19. @JodyHedlund
  20. @SimonPulman
  21. @SusanWrites
  22. @TheBookMaven
  23. @BostonBookGirl
  24. @WritingSpirit
  25. @WolfsonLiterary
So yeah, that's like 101 tweeps (if you include @ClickWisdom above) who are totally followable.


You can follow me on Twitter too @robertleebrewer, in addition to connecting with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


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Alexis Grant said...

Great lists! If you ever create a list for tweeps "you should meet soon" - hope I'm on it! :)

Unknown said...

Hey not Bob -- I'm honored to be on the list. One name I want to add is yourself!

Maureen said...

Honored to have made the list! Thank you.

Jessie Carty said...

Yeah Robert! Add yourself to the awesome :) thanks for including me. Sibling rivalry press is going to do a reading at hr Decatur library April 28th. Hope you can stop by then for reals!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Robert. I think this whole list totally rocks. Thanks for including me! I feel like we have met, too. :)

Anonymous said...

One day I to will be on a list like this..

Very useful.. thank you..xx

Gay Degani said...

Flash Fiction Chronicles wants to be on your list, Robert! We're off to follow you and step up our game.

Carol Tice said...

We did so meet...on the phone, anyway. Thanks for including me! Great list.

Eldon Sarte said...

Why am I not on this list? haha

Great list, thanks! I'm actually surprised I do not know at least a third of those listed. Looks like I'm going to be having fun checking them out this weekend!

Eldon Sarte

Sarah Stevenson said...

Great list--thanks! Going to tweet it now...

Erika D. said...

Wow--what a wonderful way to end the week. Thank you, Robert! But I hope that one day we'll meet in real life! ;-) Thanks again from @erikadreifus!

Hope Clark said...


Thanks for posting me on your list! I met not only you but part of your adorable family, too. Your reading really rocked, too. Much thanks. Now I intend to check out this list.

Hope Clark

Anonymous said...

Great list!

When you create a "Tweeps With An Online Magazine," please consider me ( Thanks :>)

Joseph Hesch said...

Wow, Robert, thank you for including me in your list. It's nice to know somebody knows I exist even if sometimes I'm not so sure myself.

Totally stunning! Truly honored!

Joe Hesch

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks, everyone, for either commenting or being on my list or sharing my list or all (or some) of the above!

Laurel said...

The real question is... HOW have we not actually met?

Unknown said...

Wow! I'm honored to be on your list!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

No, Laurel, the real question is WHEN will we actually meet. I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

K.M., thanks for your great tweets and blog!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

One more to follow: @KatMeyer (who would probably fit under the guru category)

La Marqueza said...

Hey Robert I'm a tweep you've met recently @poetlip and I suppose you can list me under a new catagory: groupie. It's great to see we have tweeps in common like Hope Clark. Thanks for your blogs, poetry column in the WD magazine, and prompts. They keep me writing.

Lené Gary said...

Hi Robert,

I found your blog and this great post by way of The Practicing Writer. I'm wondering if you have created a twitter list with all of these included that we could simply follow?



Heather Webb said...

Thanks for making the list with links! I'm delighted to see I follow many of these lovely tweeps already. Hope I make the list one day. :)

kennectto said...

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Trevor said...

Great list!

Collin Kelley said...

Thanks again for this, RLB. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting these lists !

Unknown said...

Solid list. Thanks!

Danielle Navonne said...

Your posts are ALWAYS so incredibly helpful! Thanks so much!

Jane Louise Newhagen said...

I love the lists. And the nudge to sharpen up my profile and background was very welcome.

Nichole L. Reber said...

Stimulated by the increase of Tweet followers this week and by the desire to reach out to other writers, I've followed about a dozen of those mentioned on this list. Thanks for the connections!

Nichole L. Reber

Pennie said...

Thank you!