Monday, December 5, 2011

Advice for Writers: 012

If I seemed a little scarce last week, it's because I spent an average of 12+ hours a day working on e-books for Writer's Digest. Hopefully, I'll be able to share some information about those soon. In the meantime, here's the latest (greatest) advice for writers from across the Internet:

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Book, by Jane Friedman. To tell you the truth, I've been pretty happy with Blogger, but when I read posts like this, I wonder if I should be on WordPress instead. It's all about the plug-ins.

3 Simple Ways to Beat Writer's Block, by Mark McGuinness. Nice little post on writer's block. To add my own advice, I think writer's block is typically caused by trying too hard; just relax and write without worrying about meaning. Then, the meaning will come.

8 Ways Freelancers are Losing Out by Failing to Make Use of Google Plus, by Alex Mathers. For the early adopters, it's easy to feel a little burnt out on Google+ and a little impatient with its development, but it is steadily growing and will continue to play a larger role in the social media landscape.

Four Ways to Engage Fiction Readers, by Dianne Christner. I had a college professor who once overused the word "engaging" to a fault to describe whether our short stories were working or not. However, the most important thing writers can do--in any discipline--is engage their readers.

The No. 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author, by Jane Friedman. I usually try to avoid using the same blogger twice in one of these posts, but the first post was on Friedman's personal blog, and this one originally appeared on Writer Unboxed--so I'm using a technicality to include two of her posts. Besides, I totally agree with her on this post.


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