Friday, December 9, 2011

Good News for People Who Love Good (and Cheap) Music

My wife Tammy found that Iron & Wine's album The Shepherd's Dog is available for just five dollars on Amazon. We already own it--in fact, we watched a private show recently--but that got me searching for other discounted albums on Amazon.

Album that got this list started.

Believe it or not, you could get all 10 of these albums for less than $50 (as of the writing of this post anyway):
  1. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, by Neutral Milk Hotel. This is one of my all-time favorite albums, and it's inspired more than its fair share of poems over the years.
  2. To the Sea, by Jack Johnson. I guess we'll keep things close to the sea, but Jack Johnson is one of those guys who I can listen to at any time during the year and long to be on a beach--just hanging out.
  3. I Told You I Was Freaky, by Flight of the Conchords. Speaking of New Zealand--we were, right?--these two guys always crack me up. They're funny and, apparently, freaky.
  4. Loud, by Rihanna. And speaking of freaky--which I think was actually mentioned just a moment ago--Rihanna is about as freaky as it gets. But beyond all the freaky, there's an amazing voice with some incredible beats.
  5. Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, by OK Go. This OK Go album includes some of my favorite songs by the band, including "End Love" and "This Too Shall Pass." 
  6. Till the Sun Turns Black, by Ray LaMontagne. Notice how I did that? Got you looking at the blue sky until the sun turns black? Okay, silly, but still, Ray's follow-up to Trouble is great.
  7. Good News for People Who Love Bad News, by Modest Mouse. Another one of my all-time favorite albums--and "Black Cadillacs" is one of my all-time favorite songs--which I guess dooms music to be discounted. This one has also inspired its fair share of poems.
  8. Kid A, by Radiohead. And as long as I'm talking about albums that are great for writing, this one is one of my favorite writing soundtracks. Just throw it on and let the words flow.
  9. Lungs, by Florence + The Machine. "Kiss With a Fist" and "Dogs Days Are Over" highlight this album, which is kind of like an anthem--a loud anthem.
  10. X & Y, by Coldplay. I've heard all the Coldplay albums, and this is my favorite. Plus, it has one of my favorite love songs ever, "Swallowed by the Sea." 
This isn't my all-time top 10 list, but these are all great albums that can be had for $5 or less right now. So get over and grab 'em before the prices shift back up.


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