Monday, December 19, 2011

Advice for Writers: 013

Here's some advice for writers I've collected from around the Internet. Believe it or not, there's still a lot of it being dispensed during the holiday season.

The Big Mistake of Author Websites and Blogs, by Jane Friedman. This post reveals a big mistake that many authors make regarding their use of websites and blogs. A must-read!

25 Things Writers Should Know About Rejection, by Chuck Wendig. Sometimes to overcome a fear, you have to face it, and that's exactly the purpose behind this post. Rejection really isn't so bad; everybody's doing it. And it's the risk you take to find success.

Copyblogger Editor Admits to Sleeping With Readers and Recommends You Do the Same, by Jonathan Morrow. This post is written for copywriters, but it's really relevant for all writers. In fact, it's one of the more important skills a writer can develop.

Why Writers Must Make Themselves Easy to Contact, by Chuck Sambuchino. This is not a skill, but it is one of the most important tasks a writer can complete to help foster success: Make yourself easy to find, discover, and contact.

Increase Your Story's Suspense With Breadcrumbs, by K.M. Weiland. Another nice little vlog (video blog post) from Weiland. If you'd rather read than view your advice, don't worry; she always includes a video transcript.

Perfecting Prose - What I Learned From Being a RITA Finalist, by Karen Witemeyer. The author of A Tailor-Made Bride shares what she's learned from the process of being nominated for a RITA for Best First Book.

The Pippi Longstocking Guide to Freelance Success, by Carol Tice. Tice has extracted 7 takeaways for freelance writers from watching the original Pippi Longstocking movie with her daughter. See? You can find insight anywhere if you're really looking.


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Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

I always look forward to your advice, Robert. Thanks for the wealth of links in this post! Off to read about Pippi Longstocking.