Sunday, December 25, 2011

Waking on Christmas Morning!

Merry Christmas! Santa Claus visited last night and left a lot of goodies for the boys and Hannah. Plus, Tammy and I got some gifts for them too. Reese is at his dad's, while Ben and Jonah are with their mom, so it's just the four of us this Christmas morning.

Reese will be joining us early this afternoon, and I'll be driving up to Ohio to collect Ben and Jonah tomorrow. I can't wait to have everyone together!

I've included some pictures from this morning below, and I may add more after the other boys have their moments to open presents. But first, I want to share an older poem that I included in my first chapbook, ENTER.


Ben can't find the man
he was playing with
just a moment ago.

Jonah rolls across the floor
covered in blankets
and trying to eat
anything near his mouth.

Ben's afraid Jonah
ate his man
but Jonah's not talking--

his mouth now full.


Christmas Tree!

Santa left Will a bike...

...and a stocking!

Mommy and Daddy got Will some presents, including...

....Darth Vader Transformer...

...and Chuck and Friends.

Obviously, he loves his bike helmet as much as (or more than) his bike.

And Daddy wasn't the only taking pics. Mommy and Hannah were too!


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