Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Decatur Book Festival!

Thank you so much to JC Reilly for inviting Tammy and I to read at the Decatur Book Festival once again! It's always such a great time. This year was especially cool, because one of my Cub Scouts attended the reading.

Of course, I'm in it for the poetry, but you say, "Festival," I say, "Funnel Cakes!"

Tammy took some pics and video of me reading.

Then, I took some pics and video of her reading.

Then, we both took pics of JC Reilly reading...

...and Christine Swint.

Of course, we got up and strolled around. (Notice the hula hoops in the background.)

The threat of rain had me carrying an umbrella, though I used it mainly as a walking stick.

While walking, we ran into Sandra Beasley (I Was the Jukebox and Don't Kill the Birthday Girl). She apologized for not making it to my reading, but that's okay, because I had to miss hers. Still, it was nice to finally meet her in person.

On the way back to our car, we stopped by the local poetry stage...

...and said hello to Collin Kelley and goodbye to JC Reilly.

Oh yeah! And we shared a funnel cake! Yum!


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Collin Kelley said...

Great seeing you and Tammy today!

Satia said...

Wish I could be there since I live close enough but crowds are impossible for me with my condition and people don't seem to understand that when someone has a balance disorder even the slightest bump can be dangerous for one and all.

I picture a domino effect with me as the initiating fall and the person who bumps into me as the nudging finger.

Glynn said...

A festival -- including a book festival -- isn't a festival without funnel cakes. I think it's a federal law.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

It was great seeing you too, Collin, even if very briefly. It's too bad our events were crossed this year.

O, I know, Satia. Festival crowds have to seem like a nightmare for you. They're hard enough to navigate without a balance disorder.

I totally concur, Glynn.

Anonymous said...

Looks super fun to be a poetry couple!