Monday, September 12, 2011

Advice for Writers: 002

Here's what I found interesting during the past week:

25 Things You Should Know About Queries, Synopses, Treatments, by Chuck Wendig. This is a wonderful list of how to give editors and agents what they want in a submission.

Has Rejection Turned You Into Someone You're Not?, by Jane Friedman. Just a little reminder that rejection happens--no matter how talented you are--and that it's best to take rejection with grace and remember it's not a personal evaluation of you as a writer.

Why I Pushed My Heroine off a Cliff...Almost, by Connie Briscoe. This post talks about the importance of making life hard on your characters.

The Single Word That Is Stealing Your Future, by Robert Bruce. Pretty straightforward in this post. And true.

Simplify, Simplify, by Susan Ishmael-Poulos. Sometimes, it's a good idea to remember that subtraction can a better option than addition.

A little bit of craft, a little bit of business. Hope it's useful.


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