Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keeper League Confidential: Beating My Own Team

The third game is a charm. After two humbling losses, the Zombies have put together their first win! And it's over the team I left a couple years ago--that also happened to win this league's Super Bowl last year. It was a pretty cool way to get my first win of the season.

Finally! The Zombies get a win!

This win was completed mostly by my own (new) players. Here's how the scoring broke down for my team:
  • 5 starters that returned from last season: 23.5 points (4.7 pts/player)
  • 10 starters added since last season: 92 points (9.2 pts/player)
Plus, factor in that 13 of those 23.5 points came from the QB position, which frankly is a low QB score, and it shows just how much I've been able to improve the team through trades, drafting, and the waiver wire. This illustrates why it's so important to have an amazing scouting team for your fantasy football club, especially when that scouting team is me, myself, and I.

Anyway, the Zombies are excited about their first win, but we've still got a losing record, and I'm playing my brother David this week. My brother David is the only owner in this keeper league's history to make the playoffs every single season, so he will not be easy to beat. Not by a long shot.


Week 4 Tip: Try Making a Trade

Pulling off a trade is usually difficult at any point, but after the first three weeks of the season, you may be able to make a deal or two. Look for owners who have a need that you can fill and/or have surplus at a specific position and could use an upgrade at another.


Waiver Wire Watch: Week 4

QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Ten. Anyone who acted on my Hasselbeck suggestion last week was rewarded with 300 yards and 2 tds. He's still available in most leagues.

RB: Alfonso Smith, Ari. I've never been big on Arizona's running game, but Beanie Wells couldn't play this past week (and he has a history of being unable to play). While he was out, it was Smith--and not Chester Taylor--who got the bulk of the work. Of course, Chester Taylor isn't a bad gamble either if you're really hurting at RB.

WR: Nate Washington, Ten. Washington is still available in most leagues--despite me talking him up--and he's only continued to produce. Plus, Kenny Britt is now out for the season, which makes Washington the top receiver in Tennessee.

I told you to pick up Nate Washington last week.

WR: Torrey Smith, Bal. Wow! What an amazing way to debut in the NFL. My only concern here is that Smith may have been given some extra space while the defense focused on Anquan Boldin and that they'll play him honest from here on out.

TE: Ed Dickson, Bal. I promise: I have not just turned into a Baltimore fanboy...but Dickson is quietly putting together a good number of touches for a TE with two 5-catch, 50-yard games out of three so far. He's not a Top 10 TE, but all of those are probably gone in your league.

DL: Greg Hardy, Car. Playing opposite of Charles Johnson has its advantages. For instance, less double teams from the O-line. Plus, run plays may swing more in his direction, which can add to his tackle totals. He's doing fine through the first three weeks.

LB: Pat Angerer, Ind. Still not owned in most leagues, he's registered 42 tackles in 3 games. What else does he need to do?

DB: Justin King, StL. I don't usually recommend CBs, but King has put together a very solid first 3 weeks--with 19 tackles, a sack, and an interception.

As usual, you're on your own with the kickers.


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