Monday, March 12, 2012

Advice for Writers: 024

This week, there's plenty to share, including advice on how to handle your website, making your writing (and you) more desirable, and lots of questions.

Could You Write a Blog Post That Changes People's Lives?, by Carol Tice. If there's one goal I've set for this blog in 2012, it's to share more transformative writing on MNINB. I don't think I could put my finger on that until after reading Carol's post above. It's worth reading (and joining in on the comments).

How Having Boundaries is the Secret to Being a Sought After Professional, by Alex Mathers. This post is interesting and true. As an editor, I search for freelancers who having specific niches and specialties. Setting boundaries (as outlined in this post) goes a long way in shaping my expectations and exciting me about assignments.

Do Authors Have a Right to Be Paid?, by Rachelle Gardner. Depending upon who you are, the answer to this question may seem obvious. However, depending upon what you write (and how much you put into your career), the answer given by Seth Godin may surprise you.

How to Convert Visitors From Your About Page, by AJ Kumar. It's one of the most overlooked pages on most websites, though I have to admit it's usually one of the first pages I visit when I want to know more about a person or business. Author websites would be wise to treat the About Me page with great care.

What Makes Fiction Literary?, by Mariana Ashley. Why are so many of the articles this week titled in the form of a question? Does that get people to comment more? Does it get them to think more? Is it just a freaky coincidence?


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