Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poetic Saturdays: No Way to Stop Them

Tomorrow morning, we'll begin poeming away at my Poetic Asides blog through the month of April for our 5th annual April PAD Challenge. If you're into writing poems, you should check it out. (And yes, I'll also be leading the platform challenge on this blog through April as well. Talk about busy!)

Anyway, leading up to the challenge, I thought I'd share something a little different for my Poetic Saturday this week. I'm going to share some starts and stops of poems that may or may not end up as full grown poems. This a recent sampling of the typical bits and pieces that fill so many notebooks around the Brewer household. Enjoy!

Our traveling life is over;
people are settling and suspicious
of anyone who moves. We move
without permission and someday
they'll stop us without warning--

there's no way for us to stop them.


put me in your prison now
and throw away the key.
nobody better even
try and rescue me.


cast a spell and hover over my house.
give me a blessing. give me a sign.


all the stuff for today.


i'm lost like a stranger
who's nearly found his way
but doesn't know the reason
why he really wants to stay
stumbling down streets
and falling down stairs
losing my nerve with-
out seeming to care


et cetera


Michael Grove said...

Oh boy, I love these little snipets. These are good. I must have a few thousand of these in various places on everything from shopping receipts to envelopes and post it notes... not to mention the notebooks and 400 little entries in the digital voice recorder. Nice work Robert. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting started on both your challenges.

Elaine Cougler said...

What I signed up for to start on April 1st was supposed to be about building platform, I thought. Did I make a mistake or is the April challenge all poetry writing?

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Elaine, the poetry challenge actually happens on my Poetic Asides blog. This is my My Name Is Not Bob blog--and the platform challenge starts on April 1 (this specific post went up on March 31).

Yes, Michael, I've got stuff like this scrawled on receipts, paper airplanes, envelopes, soooooo many Post-Its.

Sharon Vander Meer said...

I have a twitter account. I'm always a little unsure with twitter about the url or handle or whatever it's called but I think this is mine

Be that as it may, I'm trying to embrace social networking. This helps. Maybe I can build followers. I can but hope... and work at it.