Monday, March 26, 2012

Advice for Writers: 026

Every week brings plenty of great new advice for writers of all skill levels. Here's the best of what I've found this week.

Confession Tuesday - The Dark Cloud Edition, by Kelli Russell Agodon. Kelli does these confession Tuesdays (and thankful Thursdays), but I never thought I'd link to one on my advice for writers column. However, I think this post helps show writers how even the best of us have horrible days and weeks. We just have to fight through and remind ourselves that it's not really that bad--or that things will pass.

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Book, by Ken Brosky. This is a solid post on how to get coverage of your book by media outlets. I should also mention that it would benefit any author to check with their library for a recent edition of BACONS Media Directories or access to the online database from Cision. I say to check with the library, because these guides costs hundreds of dollars (though they are super useful).

How to Make a Living as a Writer, Part One, by Rachelle Gardner. Expect more on this topic, but Rachelle starts off by explaining one of two parts about making a living as a writer: volume. Writers who think they can write one thing and make a living are fooling themselves. Writers make a living by writing...a lot.

The 3 Worst Blog Writing Blunders, by Carol Tice. These blunders are definitely applicable to writing blogs, but like much writing advice can also be applied to other types of writing. For instance, doing your homework is just as important for your blog post as your query letter as your short story as your (blank).

Nuke the Slush Pile, by James H. Pence. The slush pile is the pile of unsolicited queries that agents and editors used to receive via traditional mail. Now, many agents and editors have virtual piles they manage, whether via e-mail or an online submission system of some sort. Anyway, virtual or real, nuking the slush pile doesn't sound like a terrible idea.


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