Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Develop a Plan to Find Success

In a previous post, I discussed building lists for success, and I truly believe that an effective list can help give focus to a person's life. However, a list is one thing; a plan is something else, though it may incorporate a list or two too.

Autumn is a perfect time to plan for next year's success!

Around the end of last year, I created my first ever editorial calendar for the free weekly newsletter--mainly just to appease the marketing department that asked for one. Basically, I had previously just come up with a new plan and theme each week. While I was skeptical of planning my content so far in advance for a free weekly newsletter, it's actually helped decrease the time I spend on each newsletter while also improving the quality.

Develop an Editorial Plan for Your Blog
As a result of the editorial calendar being a success for my newsletter, I've spent a good deal of time over the past 6 weeks developing an editorial plan for my blog for 2012. I'll be sharing more on my plans during the month of December, but I already feel like it's been time well spent.

Early in the plan-making process, I asked myself questions like these:
  • What am I doing with my blog now?
  • What seems to be working the best?
  • What seems to not be working at all?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my blog? (What is its purpose for being?)
  • What seems to be working on other blogs and websites that are similar to mine?
  • What seems to be working on other blogs and websites that are not similar to mine?
  • What do I absolutely not like about some blogs and websites?
Basically, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'm doing and why. Then, I brainstormed things that would be awesome for this blog. Finally, because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, I looked at my list of awesome and picked out projects that would be easiest to accomplish while working as an editor, being a father and husband, leading my den of Cub Scouts, poeming, and other tasks.

I'm really excited about my plans for My Name Is Not Bob in 2012. If you spend some time developing an editorial plan for your blog (even if it's a pretty loose plan), I think you'll enjoy the process as well--and so will your readers.


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Anonymous said...

I need to do that. I've thought about it but just never "did" it. Thanks for the kick in the pants! Great post!! :)

Julia Munroe Martin said...

This is such a great idea that I'd never have thought of or considered if I hadn't read this post. And yet it makes so much sense -- of course a blog needs a plan. I will most definitely be doing this exercise and plan. So very glad I checked in today, thank you!

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Thanks for sharing the questions you asked yourself while building your framework. Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT idea, and I can't believe I didn't think of doing this. Thanks! :) I know what I'll be doing in my spare time now for the next little while.

Unknown said...

I like this a lot! I tend to bite off more than I can chew as well. Developing a plan helps keep things in perspective. Thank you for the tips, I'm definitely going to put it to use!

Pennie Reese said...

This is a great idea and I just added it to my calendar for next week. I have a long list of topics to write about and some weeks I struggle to choose a topic. It might help if I have them laid out in order and scheduled, so I don't have to waste time making decisions and I can just get to work.