Monday, November 14, 2011

Advice for Writers: 010

I skipped last week's advice because, frankly, I was pretty overwhelmed with everything else. But the good thing about online is that we can always get back on track easy enough. So here's this week's advice (brought to you by the Internet):

Guest Post by Lee Goldberg (and Konrath talks numbers), from J.A. Konrath's blog, in which Lee explains making the decision to walk away from the successful Monk series of books and pursue digital publishing exclusively.

How to Set Up an Author or Book Page on Google+ (Part 1), by Debbie Ohi. Debbie shares some great instructions (with screen grabs) of how to get this done on the G+.

Full-Time Job vs Freelance Writing: Doing the Math, by Carol Tice. Carol always has some great freelancing information to share, and this time she helps writers determine what they need (financially) to go the freelance route.

Everyday (budget-friendly) Marketing Opportunities, by Megan DiMaria. This post is loaded with marketing opportunities for writers--from using online radio to church and community newsletters.

Are Your Dialogue Beats Repetitous?, by K.M. Weiland. Weiland gives some tips on avoiding "white wall syndrome" when characters are talking to each other in scenes.

How to Keep Writing Through the Cold and Flu Season, by Lydia Sharp. Drink lots of OJ and read this post.


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1 comment:

pranaknits said...

Thanks as always for the tips. Especially the one on writing through the cold and flu season. I stayed in bed yesterday, and just wrote in my journal. It was enough. And felt right to connect with pen and paper. I write differently with pen and paper than I do on the computer. It was nice to get in touch with that part of my thinking.

Thanks for the post.