Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeper League Confidential: The Dilemma of Being a Real Fan and a Fantasy Owner

This past weekend was rough for me as a fantasy owner and Atlanta Falcons football fan. The Zombies--with the league's second worst record--were playing the team with the worst record. However, this worst record team had a starting line up that included Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White (all Atlanta Falcons). So, I don't even probably need to tell you what happened...but I will anyway.

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan pointing out the weaknesses in the Duluth Zombies fantasy team.

The first touchdown of the game, Michael Turner ran in a touchdown. Not bad. But then, Matt Ryan connected with Julio Jones for his first regular season NFL TD ever. Then, Matt Ryan hit him again for his second regular season NFL TD ever. Luckily, Matt Ryan didn't throw his third TD to Jones, but the damage was already done, and the Zombies eventually fell.

Now I'm not saying my Zombies didn't deserve to lose this week; they did. However, this example perfectly illustrates what I detest about fantasy football: You can find yourself in a position of rooting for 50 of the 53 players on the team, instead of all 53. It's dumb; it's silly; it's fantasy football.


Week 10 Tip: Remember Thursday!

The Thursday games start this week with San Diego and Oakland. This is important to remember when setting your starting line ups. Don't let it sneak up on you.


Waiver Wire Watch: Week 10

QB: Matt Moore, Mia. The Tarvaris suggestion didn't work out last week (unless you like negative points). I'm not 100% happy with suggesting Moore this week, and really, there aren't any bye weeks--so why are you even looking at QBs anyway?

RB: Chris Ivory, NO. If Ivory is available in your league, snatch him up now before someone else does. Also, keep an eye on Kendall Hunter, SF, in case Frank Gore's ankle prevents him from playing this weekend.

WR: Jacoby Ford, Oak. The Oakland WR flavor of the week seems to change every week, but Ford was hobbled earlier this year and seems to have a connection forming with Carson Palmer, who's usually good about targeting the same receivers each week (at least based on his history at Cincy). So maybe Ford is THE guy. Or not.

Is Jacoby Ford THE ONE? Only time will tell.

TE: Jake Ballard, NYG. Meet the Kevin Boss replacement. It's now official.

DL: Brett Keisel, Pit. Keisel went from zero to hero in the past 4 weeks of play.

LB: Donald Butler, SD. Butler is putting together a really great season for the Chargers.

DB: Jordan Babineaux, Ten. Starting in place of Chris Hope, he's been racking up great numbers.


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