Monday, November 21, 2011

Advice for Writers: 011

Here's the best advice for writers I could find online this week:

How to Inspire a Rock-Solid Following, by Alex Mathers. This is a great post for writers who are trying to inspire folks to follow them: Focus less on yourself and more on your message.

Too Many Facebook Friends: Blessing or Curse?, by Jane Friedman. As Jane gets closer to the 5,000-friend limit, she's begun wondering if it's a good thing, a bad thing, or completely without meaning. As someone who's been at the 5,000-friend limit for years, I personally feel it's a mixed bag.

Time vs. Talent -- The Battle Rages On, by Julianna Baggott. The argument of whether writers need time or talent continues on Baggott's blog. Personally, I think talent is part of the equation, but the majority of success comes from time (in other words, hard work and attention to the craft).

Guest Post, by Stephen Leather. On JA Konrath's blog, Leather talks about taking a step back from self-publishing after selling close to half a million ebooks over the course of the past year. Amazon Encore will be taking over the business side of the equation so that Leather can focus on the writing.

14 Subtle Signs Your OBGYN Might Not Make a Good Critique Partner, by Jan O'Hara. I just love the title of this blog post.


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