Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confession of a Man With a Moustache

I'm now more than two weeks in on my first ever moustache. Let me tell you something: I've never been a fan of the moustache. So there.

Day 15 is the turning point in more ways than one.

It's kind of weird, because I've tried about every look there is, including rat tail, mohawk, shaggy, bowl, high and tight, dyed (blue, red, black), etc. However, the moustache is right up there with the mullet in fashions I swore I'd never try. So, kids, never say never.

I am on Day 16, but instead of counting up, I find myself counting down: Two weeks until I can shave it off.

Here's the thing: I love growing beards. However, when I look at the site for Novembeard, it just looks like a bunch of random guys taking pics of themselves. (Not at all like what I'm doing here.) There doesn't appear to be any purpose behind the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Movember has a cause: Supporting Prostate Cancer And Other Male Cancer Iniatives. More than just a reason to grow a moustache, Movember is about trying to get men to take their health seriously--and I'm not talking exercise, but getting annual check-ups (something even this guy needs to do better).

I prefer beards, but even I realize that sometimes the cause is more important than my own preferences in facial hair. If you believe in male health, I encourage you to show your support by rating my page and leaving a message.

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Plus, anyone who donates $20 or more to my effort will be entered for a chance to win a care package that includes both my poetry chapbooks and more. Click here to learn more about that offer.

Meanwhile, support your fellow men and their health--whether they have a moustache or not.


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LORENZO said...

I went through the cheesy 'stache phase in the 80's. Had to have one but looked more like Don Mattingly than Freddie Mercury. They've got to make a comeback soon, wouldn't you think?

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Yeah, I have nothing against people who have moustaches (or mullets, for that matter). It's just not a look that I've ever desired for myself.

Mattingly and Mercury both had great staches. So did Rollie Fingers and Sam Elliot. To each his own.

pranaknits said...

My nephew was growing a mustache for Movember and then had to shave for a job interview. He was looking more than a little scraggly. Don't know yet if he got the job. I hope so, and that the loss of facial hair was not in vain!

As on oncology nurse, I support your efforts.