Monday, November 7, 2011

Support My Movember for a Chance to Win Stuff!

This year, I decided to join editor Brian Klems (and thousands of other men) in growing a moustache in November for an event called Movember. The event's main goals are to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research (and men's health in general). Generalizing, men are not always the best at taking care of themselves--and specifying, I can admit I fall into this category myself.

Anyway, I think supporting this cause makes a lot of sense, and I've already received a few donations. To encourage even more donations, I've decided to assemble a care package that I will raffle off to one person who donates $20 or more to my Movember efforts.

Click here to donate to my Movember efforts now.

The care package currently consists of:
  • Signed copy of my most recent limited edition chapbook ESCAPE. There were only 101 copies made, and they're nearly sold out. In fact, I expect them to be completely sold out before the month is over.
  • Signed copy of my first limited edition chapbook ENTER in a special edition. When I made the first set of ENTER chapbooks, which sold out almost immediately, the printer printed up 8 extra copies. So the care package will include one of these ultra rare debut chapbooks.
  • Signed copy of the 2012 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition. This book includes everything you love about Writer's Market the book with a one-year subscription to the website.
  • Signed copy of the 2012 Poet's Market. The best Poet's Market yet, filled with hundreds of publishing opportunities for poets, but also a wealth of information on the craft and business of poetry.
This is the package at the moment, though I may continue to add to it if more people donate to my Movember efforts. I don't receive any kickbacks from the Movember site, so I'm donating everything in this care package to help this great cause. Plus, I'm growing my first ever moustache.

Click here to donate to my Movember efforts now and be entered into the raffle for winning this great care package.


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Unknown said...

I've lost two family members to this horrible cancer, the most recent in February 2011. A brother-in-law, and my dear father-in-law. I'm glad you're doing something for this cause. I worry about my husband, since it apparently according to doctors can run in the family, and his risk is higher now. I'll definitely donate, and thank you again for championing this cause.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thank you for sharing, K.B. My ex-father-in-law was diagnosed and treated for this cancer. Luckily, I think they have it under control at the moment, but it's a threat and it's real--and us guys are not good about getting checked up (and I admit this is something even I need to improve upon).