Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 10 Search Keywords for MNINB

Maybe it's because I'm a poet, but I think navel gazing can be fun from time to time. Recently, I decided to look at some of the Blogger stats for this My Name Is Not Bob blog, and I ran across the stats for the top keyword terms that send folks to this blog. Some of the rankings were expected, others not so much. Want to see?

    Let's take a closer look.
  1. Robert Lee Brewer. Actually, I would've been very surprised if this weren't the case. I mean, my name is in the URL for this blog--and every individual blog post. Plus, knowing that Robert Brewer is not one of the Top 10 results, this confirms that I've made a sound SEO decision by including my middle name in my byline.
  2. My Name Is Not Bob. Again, not surprised by this result. In fact, I'm very satisfied that this is the number two keyword. Next...
  3. Twin Towers. Say what?!? Yes, the "twin towers" are a popular search result on this blog, which is sort of funny, because I've only had one post on the topic (click here to read). However, that one post is usually in the Top 5 of page views daily.
  4. Best Blogs to Follow. I confess this was a very surprising result. That said, I couldn't be happier to learn that this is a top 5 search keyword.
  5. Brenna Jo Thomas. Many folks may have no idea who Brenna Jo Thomas was. She was my cousin, and I only wrote one post for her, but it was an important one. Click here to read.
  6. Best Christmas Albums. Another surprising result, but I'm honored that people find this blog when they're searching for the best Christmas albums. Here's my list.
  7. Best Meat Loaf Ever. Yes, even a recipe shows up in my Top 10. If you're interested in my favorite meat loaf, click here.
  8. Best Blogs to Follow 2011. Probably because of expert coverage of 9/11 and recipes, my blog is apparently one of the best to follow. Speaking of which...
  9. Twin Towers 9 11. I feel kind of guilty for receiving so much traffic for 9/11, especially since my story is on the periphery. No heroism or personal tragedy, just a new father worried about what might happen next.
  10. Great Blogs to Follow. Very, very cool way to finish off this Top 10 list.
Note: These are the cold, hard statistics. I didn't alter or modify this list, which may be hard to believe since best blogs and great blogs to follow came up three times. I know, I'm as surprised as you.

Lessons Learned
I guess the one key takeaway is that about the only thing you can truly control in search is your name. Robert Lee Brewer and My Name Is Not Bob were the top two search results, and that's what I'd prefer. After that, it gets a little crazy.

If I were to define the My Name Is Not Bob blog, I might say it's one of the best blogs to follow, but I wouldn't mention Twin Towers, Best Christmas Albums, or Meat Loaf (as yummy as that meat loaf may be). I'd probably say something about writing, publishing, and living.

Funny enough, the Twin Towers and Brenna Jo Thomas posts are in line with sharing life experiences, so maybe I'm doing a good job of sharing the living on MNINB. Or maybe I'm just lucky with how I titled those posts and the popularity of those topics.

Anyway, this process of self-analysis was fun for me. Hopefully, it wasn't completely boring for you (or I may find a new search term popping up: Worst Blogs to Follow 2011).


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1 comment:

Satia said...

My words are as follows:

gregg braden fraud
ihop eggnog pancakes
what to wear on a wednesday
large kirigami snow
big pussy
christmas tree kirigami
decoupage desk
erasure percival everett sparknotes

The only one in this list that makes me somewhat happy is the last one. I really loved that book but . . . that sixth one, which actually "hit" more than once is not a pleasant surprise at all. And I'm not sure why "kirigami" is so hugely popular. I've only written one post about it. Unfortunately that Gregg Braden post seems stuck as #2, occasionally moving up to #1 or dropping to #3 but never any lower. I have seriously considered deleting it altogether just to mix up my list but after seeing what #6 is, I'm too scared to let anything else worm its way into the top ten.