Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Movember 2011

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Last year, I followed the progress of Brian Klems as he grew a moustache during the month of November for Movember, a fundraiser dedicated to supporting research on prostate cancer. (Click here to see Brian's 2010 progress.) I'll have more to say on growing moustaches later this month, but I decided to join Brian (and many others) in his efforts this year.

This post will collect my day-by-day progress of moustache growing in 2011. By the end of the month, there should be 30 stache pics. Good stuff.

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Day 1. Face shaved and ready to grow a moustache.

Day 2. Trying to will a moustache onto my face.

Day 3. Waiting patiently. (C'mon already!)

Day 4. Almost there. Almoooost there.

Day 5. Wondering how DLS will affect the stache.

Day 6. Daylight Savings Stache.

Day 7. The moustache marches on.

Day 8. Election Day Stache.

Day 9. Painting of Tammy in background.

Day 10. Winter landscapes don't frighten my upper lip anymore.

Day 11. 11/11/11.

Day 12. Taking the stache to Reese's birthday party.

Day 13. Went to church and the park and cleaned the house.

Day 14. The United Staches of America.

Day 15. Half way there, livin on a prayer.

Day 16. First tornado warning with a moustache--in closet.

Day 17. With my Wolf Scout Reese.

Day 18. Starting Thanksgiving vacation.

Day 19. Marathon trip from GA to OH and back to grab boys.

Day 20. At Foster Thanksgiving with Ben.

Day 21. Got that moustache feeling.

Day 22. Packing for Ohio and too busy to shave. Obviously.

Day 23. Unpacking for Ohio--as Reese and Will got sick.

Day 24. Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 25. Stomach flu strikes again!

Day 26. Reading my favorite magazine (psst..I'm a contributor).

Day 27. What a nice moustache!

Day 28. I'm closing in on the Movember finish line.

Day 29. Shaving for my stache is kinda like a lot of work.

Day 30. Happy trails to you--until we meet again.


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Satia said...

I wonder how a woman could participate in this . . . grow armpit hair? Or stop shaving her legs?

It is a worthy cause. I'll follow your progress and wow . . . you have a face underneath all that facial hair!

Anonymous said...

Awesome to see such support for a great cause!!

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks for the comments!

I've never done a moustache, so we'll see how it grows.

the Mara61 said...

Hey, « I am not Bob » I realize the place 69 from 11800/
Now can you tell me two things: 1. what is about the unusual contest deadline 4 dec
Can I compete? In addition, with name should I use? There is a theme, restriction to axe words?2.I has used my real name before, but my son that knew that my pen name is Mara Rusel. Could it be a problem, this one? Cause my name is Mariana Aionesei, for in the previous contest. In addition,… 4. feel free to use anything my comments on the blog.
Best of your wishes come true.
Ps. Feel free to do anything with my last comment ( not that here on emial)

Best regards,

Mariana Aionesei/ aka Mara Russel.
Best regards,
Mariana Aionesei/ aka Mara Russel.


Robert Lee Brewer said...


If you're talking about the November PAD Chapbook Challenge, yes, you may compete. The deadline is for submission of a chapbook manuscript of 10-20 pages. I'll include the link for the complete rules near the end of the month to remind everyone how to submit.



Chuck said...

Your mustache is lovely and ferocious. Sorry about the stomach flu. Those are the worst.

Laurie Kolp said...

I love how you have chronicled the growth in pictures.