Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Do You Write?

There are a million specific reasons why someone might start writing. It could be in response to a natural event or for the fame and glory of being a writer. While I always relate that I started writing poetry in an attempt to woo a girl, even before that I always loved writing, and it didn't matter if I was writing letters or numbers. In fact, I fell for statistics before poetry.

That's how I started, and now I stop every so often and ask myself why do I continue writing (and I encourage you to do the same). What's the point?

Every answer I give is always subject to change (that's just how I roll), but my current reason for writing is simple (and, I admit, not unique): I love to write!
  • It's not for money, because I'd still be writing even if I weren't an editor.
  • It's not for fame, because I'd be content to write without any readers.
  • It's not for posterity, because that's something that's beyond my control.
I write because I love to write, whether it's back cover copy for Poet's Market, a WritersMarket.com newsletter, a poem, a short story, a blog post, or even a monthly budget (just ask Tammy--I get carried away with that stuff). It's not so much something "I like to do" as something "I'm obsessed with doing." So yeah, maybe an obsession.

Anyway, that's why I write. What's your story? I'd love it if people shared their reasons for writing below.


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Michael T. Young said...

I write because there is a deep satisfaction -- more than any other I know -- in getting something articulated in just the right words. The range of human imagination and experience is greater than the range of our existing language and this is likely always to be so. That’s why writing is exciting, because every effort in it is an attempt to extend the light of articulation just a little farther into the darkness.

Unknown said...

I write because it helps me make sense of the world. Because I need to articulate the images that pop into my head. Because a great turn of phrase from someone else inspires me and challenges me to try to share my own. And because maybe, just maybe, one of my pieces will touch someone in an unexpected way. I write as a way to both find and have meaning in the world. Oh, yeah, and I like it!

Leigh M. Lane said...

I write because I am driven to. It is an obsession. I get cranky when I don't produce a consistent word count. Without regular release, words start building up in my head like steam in a kettle. It is what I'm meant to do.

cinanim said...

I'm not sure why I write. I've always written especially as a child; then I became an adult and then I had children, now we have a business to run.
I find myself struggling to write.
But your question has answered my own question: Why do you keep writing if it's such a struggle?
Because I want to, maybe I even NEED to. Maybe if I get rid of the "struggle", which is of my own doing anyway, maybe then I will fall back into the habits of my youth, which was to write, write, write.

pranaknits said...

I write to get the voices out of my head--in a good way. I write in my head, I set a scene, a snatch of dialogue, and it comes pouring out. If I don't write it careens inside my head. I write because I have to.

You are spot on--even if no one reads it, I write because I have to.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to Lisa Lane's 'obsession' comment above; a writer's brain appears to be hard-wired to process individual and group experiences via the written word.

The human experience is replete with symbolism, and it is language itself that formally intends or symbolizes the action, thought or idea we're trying to convey.

In other words, I write because I must; I am compelled to communicate in this way.

Robert Lee Brewer said...

Thanks for sharing, everyone! There's not really a *right* answer to this question. Everybody has their own reasons.

M Hanson said...

Because of a need, exposed by a palm reader's question, and after reading this entry, I created my own blog. Long overdue, I now have that outlet for my "fascinating and remarkable" life tales (emphasis theirs, not mine).
So thanks for the spur, Robert Lee Brewer! Yours is in my Top Ten.

Anonymous said...

Some of the biggest reasons that I write is to connect with readers, share my thoughts and hopefully, inspire them to do what's in their hearts, whether it's writing or another career. I think that writing and writers make the world a better place because people are always looking for answers or entertainment or to escape, if only temporary and writers provide all that. Plus, I love nothing more that to write an article or booklet about a topic that's close to my heart.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

I never thought of this question at all while started writing. For me its a kind of satisfaction to myself, and ha, when someone read and react to it in either way it gives a great kick to write more. so its going going and going on...LOL
thanks for sharing your thoughts, I just joined in. Keep inform
Best regards

Anonymous said...

I write because it repeatedly saves my life.
I write because my mind needs to amuse and challenge itself.
I write because there are infinite combinations and permutation of words and one thing can be said so many different ways.
I write because I can't stop writing.